Thundering Hearts:  The Razor’s Edge
by Kenny Lee
229 pages

Thundering Hearts:The Razor's Edge is an incredible story about two modern day bikers, Landon and Joan, and their battle with an evil renegade biker named Road Dog. This suspense-filled love story kept me on the edge of my seat as I followed the  bikers on their terrifying journey being hunted by one bad egg.

Road Dog, everyone’s idea of the typical bad-ass biker, stalks Landon whom he blames for his younger brother’s death thirty years earlier, after seeing him by chance while out on a local ride.  This obsession and Road Dog’s addiction to cocaine are a volatile mix that push him over the edge into madness.  He relentlessly pursues Landon and Joan when they head out on a postponed romantic getaway after Road Dog’s attempt to kill Landon by messing with his brake lines fails.  Landon is still recovering from the near-death accident caused by the failed brake lines when he and Joan head out.  What should be a dream vacation for this couple turns into a nightmare as Landon and Joan put together the pieces of the puzzle that is Road Dog and why he is following them. 

Every vicious attack and close call strengthens this couples love for each other and their decision to not let this mad dog escape the consequences of his actions - no matter how much Landon may be to blame for his own actions thirty years earlier. 

Lee’s book shows that today’s bikers are a good group of talented, caring, and responsible people and only a handful of them are bad. Landon and his fiancee are hunted day and night not knowing what is going to happen at any given time and still are able to help others and enjoy each other along their journey. The wicked ending is an excellent hook, too. 

Author Kenny Lee’s first book is a must read!  We anxiously anticipate his next book.

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