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MeanStreet Riders’
Debut CD

Once this goes in your CD player, it ain’t coming back out any time soon...

     From their online bio it states “The MeanStreet Riders rock music group was formed from a group of songwriters that both ride motorcycles and write music about their love of the open road, its culture and the freedom it brings.”  The 10-track disc solidly projects all of these aspects with many shades in between well-flavored with country rhythms. 
     Guaranteed to have your feet keepin’ the beat with a number of the songs, especially “I’ve Had a Good Ride”, the lyrics reflect many things bikers hold as a God-given right including the freedom to ride the open road in the company of their brothers.  Dealing with the pressure of day-to-day living getting tougher, it’s an excellent reminder to simply get on your bike and particular direction, no plans...just go.
     Another hot track is “129” on which the MeanStreet Riders sing about the legendary Highway 129 a.k.a. the “Dragon” with it’s 11-mile stretch of 318 curves...certainly something that should be on every biker’s Bucket List of places to ride.
     The title track “High on the Hog” reminds us all that
“thank all those good guys and gals for being such good friends, ‘cause baby that’s what its all about in the bitter end...”.  How much money you have in the bank isn’t worth anything if you don’t have the friends to share it with.
     Regardless which track ends up being your favorite, we’ve added this CD into our playlist when we hit the open road as it is just that kind of music to pass the miles with and we look forward to hearing the next album MeanStreet Riders releases as they are definitely not a one-disc wonder.

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