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Prairie Prince and Pete Misthos a.k.a. "Pete the Painter" With Amanda Lynn.

Moving to the west opened a new page in my life. It was here that I realized it is possible for someone to live successfully and happily as an artist. I have been painting my whole life, and in my youth was instructed by a very prolific man, Robin Grass. He sparked my interest in fantasy art and the nature of creating my own story on canvas. I started out determined to be a muralist, and after visiting San Francisco one time, I knew it was the place to come. I enrolled in the Art Academy and finished in four years with a Bachelor's in Fine Art. During those four years not only did my art ability improve, but so did my drive to succeed as an artist. After school, I got hired by Prairie Prince Studios to help with a set for a Bette Midler Production called 'Kiss My Brass'.

We have a vast array of projects that we work on, including the most recent one of restoring Claus Oldenberg's 'Inverted Q' for Stanford University. I have had many incredible opportunities working with this company, and have pushed my own artwork abilities to the next level. When I am not working, I paint with a group of graffiti muralists to clean up messy vandalism with full-on productions. These are fun projects that allow me to express myself to the public. I also am involved in many different galleries and art shows, and plan on showing internationally in the near future.


This was truly my beginning step into the serious art world. That job led me to also start working for a muralist company, W.E.T. Studios, which I still currently am involved with. The best connection that the Prairie Prince Studios gave me was to Underground Colors. This is a custom motorcycle and metal sculpture restoration facility, and is also the place where I have been employed for the past two years. Our work does not only stop in the automotive field.

fireangel_02 fireangel_01

Fire & Angel Bike


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