Chica Custom Cycles

7522 Slater Ave, #126,
Huntington Beach, California
Owner: Chica
Phone: 714.842.9587
Website: www.chicacustomcycles.com

A bit of history: Chica hails from southern Japan. He started out as a Honda mechanic whose hobby was Harley's. After a few years of turning wrenches for Honda, he started working toward his dream. He and few friends opened up Chica Motorcycle Service. They did mostly service work, not much custom work. But the ideas were brewing and when the opportunity came to move to the States, Chica packed up his wife and kid and moved to Diamond Bar, Calif., where he worked in a friend's shop. After a year and a half, he decided he could build bikes on his own, bringing his designs to life. Hence, Chica Custom Cycles was started...

"Chica gets a lot of his ideas from old chopper magazines and experimentation, improving on the old style, adding his own custom-made parts and touches. ... Chica has never kept any of the bikes he's built. It's hard for him to fall in love with a particular creation because as soon as he finishes one, he's already onto the next. From hard, mean-looking fat bikes to lean, long springers, Chica's work runs a wide range. Chica is a workaholic in love with his work. He has a welder to take care of the welding duties but he does all the design and assembly himself, putting out two to three customs a month. His sales to Japan keep one salesman busy full time."


A bit about Chica: Chica has been featured in and has graced the covers of numerous magazines around the world. A reputation as one of the nation's top custom bike builders.

C3ZD7664 cc_unicorn Chicabike

Chica's Custom Cycles:A bit about his Bikes - A Bike from Chica is completely one of a kind. Each bike is fit to the Customer's needs, in size as well as style.

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