JH Choppers

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Specializing in customizing stock Harley-Davidsons. Below are some pictures of there newest project they have completed, a1997 FXSTC Harley-Davidson

IMG_0361_weld IMG_0363_swing_arm

Swing Arm: Once we have the bearings pressed into the new swing arm. Attach it to the frame, don't forget the belt. Check the clearance at both the top and bottom. Make sure the swing arm can move up and down freely. Grind were necessary.

IMG_1288_sm IMG_1280_sm2

Remove the wire-harness, ignition coil, voltage regulator, blinker computer, and wire-harness mounting hardware. The brake and shifter forward controls were removed. The rear wheel was attached to the bike vice and we have installed the ramp support hardware for the front extension.

IMG_1557_test_drive IMG_1559_testd2

Gas up and Rollout: All the fluids have installed during the hot mock up: oil, trans, primary drive and brake fluid. The fuel tank was pressure tested for leaks before final attachments to the bike, with the shop doors open and the fire extinguisher close at hand, the gasoline was added and the bike was rolled out into the street.

IMG_2575_paint IMG_2615_paint2

Flame Masking: After the flames have been designed, masking tape and transfer paper used to mask off the green base. An X-ACTO knife is used to cut along the 1/8" fine line tape, and the transfer paper is pealed off.

IMG_2678_final IMG_2601_final2

Completion of the Final Assembly: The bike has come along way over the last 19 months. This has been one of the most satisfying engineering projects that I have ever worked on no time tables and freedom to create. Its been an overall great learning experience.


Check out more photos and details of this bike at

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