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Built with the understanding that we are all guilty of wanting to possess something we know others wish they could have. Guilty designed this bike to answer the call for both power and innocent, while meeting the needs of today’s consumers - the educated ones that is - for a bike that rides like it reads you mind and lets you enjoy the scenery will pass through it, at what ever speed that is.  “Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille” George Kennedy(Dragline)   Cool Hand Luke (1967)


Guilty Customs LLC participated in the 3rd Annual AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building in Sturgis, SD. While not placing in the top 10 this year, Guilty came away with some impressive reviews and experiences. This new custom shop has shown quite a knack for being in the right place at the right time with a product many want to see more of. Building upon a reputation for affordable, highly dependable and unique custom choppers, Guilty Customs was able to have quite a showing at this years AMD World Championships with Lucille, their debut custom bike. Her name is from a line George Kennedy made famous in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke. Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille. 
While scanning the rows of bikes to consider for contention in the freestyle championship each time my eyes landed on "Lucille", her lines and stance caused me to make a b-line to her to check her out says John Persitza of Cook Customs. Closer inspection revealed that she was not an exotic creation that was even interested in vying for top honors in a competition with one-of-a-kind motorcycles. Rather she was a home grown beauty that was comfortable with herself, and for her owner one that I would be proud to own and ride. In short, a beautiful attention getting bike and when I found out the price...my first thought was this guy is gonna be selling a lot of bikes, says Persitza.  Cook Customs, out of Milwaukee WI, is known for their cutting edge designs by Dave Cook winner of numerous industry awards and featured in industry magazines such as American Iron and Barnetts. Cook recently won Best in Show at the 2006 Milwaukee World of Wheels Show for the bike Nikki and placed 12th in the Freestyle Championships at Sturgis this year.

Kiwi Motorcycles Mike Tomas, (1st place winner in Production Class), was also impressed with the level of basic design concepts exhibited with Lucille. Since Lucille was entered in the Freestyle class, she had a lot of competition right out of the box with builders such as Jesse Rooke Customs, Roland Sands, Krazy Horse Cycles and many others says Tomas. While she didn’t place this time, I believe Guilty will be a group to watch in the upcoming years.
Guilty Customs CJ Hanlon, in attendance with Lucille at Sturgis had only one thing to say about the experience. Awesome! This level of exposure for Guilty gives us the type of experience we need and a worldwide platform to show the public the types of bikes were able to build. Guilty’s goal is to bring the chopper back to the people that made them popular, the everyday hard working man (and woman) who don’t have extensive bank accounts. “With the Starlett line starting at $27k, bikes like Lucille will be accessible to almost everyone” says Hanlon.
Guilty Customs, LLC ( www.guiltycustoms.com) is a custom motorcycle builder that is quickly establishing itself in the custom chopper industry by bringing to the discerning consumer, innovative and rider friendly custom motorcycles that are reasonably price. Guilty is one of the few companies with a line exclusively for female riders.
In Hanlons words, at Guilty Customs, we are guilty!... of wanting to give the motorcycle enthusiast the bike and the experience they deserve!

Lucille’s specifications

General- 06’ Guilty Customs
Fabrication- The Crew at Guilty
Assembly- The crew at Guilty
Build Time- Never Enough Time
Primary- Midwest
Frame- Santee Gooseneck
     Front: Redneck engineering springer
     Rear: none
Wheels- Weld Blades
Rubber- Font: 21*120/ 70 Metzeler
    Rear: 18*260/ 40 Metzeler
Molding- The Crew at Guilty
Painter- Guilty Customs’ Jason Gray
Color- Smoke Candy
Graphic- The Crew at Guilty
Handlebars- Guilty Customs
Headlight- Jammer/ Guilty Customs
Taillight- 39’ Ford
Electrical- Mike Drum
Gas Tank- Deviant/ Guilty Customs
Oil Bag- Moon Eyes
Rear Fender- Guilty Customs
Forward Control- Stampede
Seat- Ace Auto Interiors
Brakes- HHI
Kickstand- Hotmatch


Transmission- Prowler 6 speed


Engine- SS/Indian 92” Round

2f9are2 b03dre2
ab0ere4 26ccre2 37fcre3
9b18re2 93ffre2
6792re2 aac1re2
9dc0re2 c3eare2
9f98re2 b3dere2
5310re2 18b6re2

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