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Northside Choppers are located in Northlake, Illinois.
Owner: Desperado

They've been in business for the past 4 years. Northside Choppers a SAE & NHTSA certified motorcycle manufacturer.

We fab our own tanks, fenders, handlebars, exhaust, etc., all in house. We can build an one-off custom, as well as our own line of production bikes.

  • Chi-Town Hustler (Rigid bobber)
  • Bootlegger (Softail bobber)
  • G-DeVille (Softail cruiser)
  • Obsession (Rigid & Softail "Swedish" style)
  • Anarchy (Rigid & Softail "Drop-seat" style)


Northside Choppers
461 Major Drive
Northlake, IL 60164
Ph: (708) 345-8550



No Portion May Be Used Without Our Written Permission
Contact Us Toll Free (877) 700-2468 (US) or (208) 562-0470 (Outside US)
230 S. Cole Rd, Boise, ID 83709