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A Bit of History
Roland Sands from Long Beach, California, is an AMA Superbike national champion road racer, an award-winning designer, and owner and founder of Roland Sands Design (RSD), a design studio with deep roots in the motorcycle industry and aspirations to catalyze the field of industrial design. Roland Sands is the son of Perry and Nancy Sands, owners of Performance Machine, the well-known aftermarket firm that manufactures some of the world’s finest wheels, brakes, controls and other components for custom motorcycles of both chopper and sport bike selections.

Inspired by his unique background in the motorcycle industry, Sands is pushing custom motorcycle designing in a radical new direction with the mixing of sport bike and chopper styles, resulting in a new breed of motorcycles. Sands’ creations cannot be easily categorized; while the craftsmanship and artistry associated with choppers can be appreciated, the bikes designed at RSD can be ridden just as hard as race bikes.

Sands life began immersed in the motorcycle industry. His first motorcycle was a RM 50 dirt bike, a present for his 5th birthday. After 5 minutes of riding, he broke a bone, but fell in love with riding anyway. He grew up in the PM shop, and began working there sweeping floors at age 14. He quickly moved up to assembly, sanding and polishing, and even designing custom wheels. He finally worked his way up to Director of R&D and Design at Performance Machine, before moving on to founding RSD. His designs have been described as being a mixture of sport bike and chopper influences to create the ultimate custom bikes.

In 2004, legendary designer Chip Foose awarded Roland Sands with the Award of Design Excellence for his design on the motorcycle "The Hard Way". In 2005 his peers honored him when he was voted Rookie of the Year on the Discovery Channel Biker Build Off awards show. Since his first appearance on Biker Build Off, he has been featured on ESPN2’s Chopper Nation and Super Bikes, SPEED Channel's American Thunder and Build or Bust, and recently crowned champion of Biker Build Off in 2006 against Jesse Rooke.

His future projects include filming for The Heritage Million Dollar Build Off beginning in January 2007. In this upcoming build-off he will pit himself against 14 other world class builders. His competition will be Vinnie Minichiello - CMX Choppers, Eddie Trotta - Thunder Cycle Designs, Inc., Russell Marlowe - Russell Marlowe Custom Cycles (2005 winner), Kendall Johnson - Kendall Johnson Customs (2006 winner), Bruce Mullins - Skunkworx Custom Cycle, John Dodson - Gangster Choppers, Joe Martin - Martin Brothers Bikes, Darrian Tefft & Mario Audia - Jolly Roger Customs, Roger Bourget - Bourget Bike Works, Arlen Ness - Arlen Ness Enterprises, Roger Goldammer - Goldammer Cycle Works Ltd., Paul Cox & Keino - Indian Larry Legacy, Aaron Greene - Paramount Custom Cycles, and Jerry Burrow - Road Hawgs Ltd. The show premiers on April 10, 2007 at 8:00pm on ESPN2. For more information on the Build Off, go to


KRV5 Tracker

Rt_Profile Lt_Profile


Owner: Roland Sands/Performance Machine
Address: 6892 Marlin Circle. La Palma, CA (Originated In Long Beach) 90623
Phone: 800-479-4037
E-Mail: rwsands@performancemachine.com
What’s the story?
The KRV5 Tracker is a creative collaboration between motorcycle designer Roland Sands and racing legend “King” Kenny Roberts. Roberts’ had the idea to utilize one of his KRV5 engines for something other than the MotoGP track. Sands’ was looking for a build project that would challenge and inspire his creative talents.

With knowledge of Sands’ racing pedigree and design style unifying form and function, Roberts’ felt Sands’ would know exactly what to do with a coveted KRV5 engine. The project plans were solidified with a handshake at the MotoGP paddocks of Laguna Seca in 2005.

NM6W2122 NM6W2149
NM6W2182 NM6W2184

Sands’ promised to deliver the bike a year later. Nine months would pass before the design plans were finalized. With only two months before the looming completion deadline, the first pieces of tubing were bent and welded. The two months were spent by the RSD team with their heads down fabricating and building at a furious pace.

The bikes’ unique makeup of RSD components, a one-off frame, and custom sheet metal; coupled with the Team Roberts V5 MotoGP engine have created a completely original 200 horsepower Boardtrack racer of the future.


What kind of bike?

Make: RSD – Roland Sands Design
Year: 06
Model: KRV5 Boardtracker

Fabrication: RSD Team
Hardware: Titanium
Assembly: RSD Team
Value: Sell all your kids and then we’ll talk

Type: Kenny Roberts V5 Moto GP Spec
Displacement: 1000cc
Year: 2005
Horsepower: 200+
Heads: Aluminum KRV5
Valves: Titanium
Pistons: 5
Carbon Fiber Injected
Ignition: Complicated
Exhaust: Titanium – 5 Individual hand built
Fasteners/Hardware: Titanium
Clutch: Slipper
Finish: All hand polished heads, cylinder and cases and custom hand painted carbon valve covers, transmission cover.
Builder: Team Kenny Roberts


Type: RSD KRV5 Boardtracker
Builder: RSD Team
Rake: 24 degree
Forks: Turned down GSXR 1000, Black anodized
Triple Trees: RSD Design, Available soon

Wheels Front:
Rim: 23” x 3.5” RSD Contrast Cut Judge
Brake: NONE

Wheels Rear:
Rim: 21” X 9” RSD Contrast Cut Judge
Brake: PM Contour Bracket and Radial Mount Brake
Fender: Welded in

What Connects you to the bike:
Handlebars: RSD Designed and built
Electrics: Moto GP spec Deutsch connectors
Seat: Bill Wall Leather Custom
Foot controls – RSD designed race mount with RSD pegs, Performance Machine Master Cylinders
Fuel Tank(s): Aluminum

Paint, Chrome, and other F/X’s:
Finish: Army Green Metallic with flat tan flake panels and RSD pattern
The Painter: Chris Wood at Airtrix


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