No Regrets

NM6W0308 NM6W0312


Owner: Roland Sands Design
Contact: Erika Decker
Address: 6892 Marlin Circle. La Palma, CA (Originated In Long Beach) 90623
Phone: 714-228-8481
Fax: 714-523-3007
E-Mail: Edecker@performancemachine.com, rwsands@performancemachine.com

What kind of bike?
Make: RSD No Regrets
Year: 2006
Model: Race
Fabrication: Roland Sands Design
Finish: April 14, 2006
Time: 10 DAYS for Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off 2006
Hardware: Diamond
Assembly: RSD
Assembler: RSD
Value: One million Heidi Klums
Clutch: Performance Machine

Type: Harley-Davidson
Displacement: 124ci
Year: 2006
Horsepower: 150 HP
Heads: Harley-Davidson
Valves: Harley-Davidson
Pistons: Harley-Davidson
Cylinders: Harley-Davidson
Camshaft: Kendall Johnson
Lifters: Kendall Johnson
Pushrods: Kendall Johnson
Carburetor/Injection: S&S G
Air Cleaner: RSD Custom Scoop
Ignition: Twin Tech
Exhaust: RSD Custom
Mufflers: STFU=shut the f#ck up
Finish: Scotch Brite

Did you build or buy your bike: Built EVERYTHING!
How Long did it take: 10 Days!!!
In what order was the bike built: Frame first, rolling chassis, then on to the finishing and assembly.

Type: RSD Custom
Year: 2006
Builder: RSD
Stretch: None
Rake: 26.7 degrees
Swing Arm: RSD Custom
Shocks: Ohlins Racing Forks


Forks: Ohlins Superbike Gas Charged Racing Forks
Triple Trees: RSD Custom
Modifications: Brown anodize

Wheels Front:
Rim: RSD Contrast Cut Custom
Size: 17” x 3.5”
Hub: Performance Machine
Builder: Performance Machine
Finish: Black Anodized
Fender: Lockhart Phillips
Tire: Dunlop
Brake: Performance Machine

Wheels Rear:
Rim: RSD Contrast Cut Custom
Size: 17” x 6”
Brake: Performance Machine
Builder: Performance Machine
Finish: Black Anodized
Fender: None
Tire: Dunlop
Hub: Performance Machine

What Connects you to the bike:
Handlebars: LSL (Spiegler Performance)
Risers: LSL (Spiegler Performance)
Headlights: None
Taillights: None
Turn Signals F/R: None
Speedometer: None
Tachometer: None
Gauges: None
Electrics: RSD
Seat: Racing Foam
Backrest: None
Footrest F/R: Performance Machine
Oil Tank: RSD Custom Concept
Fuel Tank(s): RSD Custom Concept

Anything Extra?
Bronze Anodized cover line

Paint, Chrome, and other F/X’s:
Colors: Red glossy flake, flat black panels
Type: Special
Special Paint: It’s Always Special from Chris Wood
The Painter: Chris Wood
Address: 336 Nopal St. Santa Barbara, CA
Chrome: F#ck no!
Powder Coating: Maybe!
Color: If I told you I’d have to kill you!
Work by: C. Woody


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