RSD Race Rod

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Owner: Performance Machine, Inc. / Roland Sands
Address: 6892 Marlin Circle, La Palma, Ca 90623
Phone: Cell 562 619-4158
Email: rwsands@PerformanceMachine.com

Year/Make: 04 HD Vrod
Build Time: 2 months
Assembly: 1 week
Fabrication: A shit load!
Value: Art has no set price

Year/Type: HD Vrod
Builder: Zippers, Brettskin
Displacement: z rod 1320cc
Cases: zipper’s modified
Flywheels: std
Connecting Rods: std
Pistons: z rod 4.25 bore, forged Zippers
Cylinders: z rod 4.25 bore, wet liners
Heads: z rod cnc ported over sized valves, zippers modified
Camshaft: zrod performance cam
Valves: z rod - stainless oversize, 41mm intake superflow, 36mm exhaust superflow
Carb/Injection: Zippers z rod oversize 58mm body
Ignition: Stock-zrod mapped
Exhaust: Custom Stainless: Vance and Hines End Can
Finish: Polished

Case: Zippers, boredPolished

Year/Type: Stock Vrod
Rake: De Raked trees
Swing Arm: PM Vrod Phatail kit
Shocks: Ohlins racing

Fork Tubes: Ohlins street and track forks
Modifications: Black anodized, Stig Peterson PPS assembly
Triple Trees: RSD PM Contour Triple Trees
Finish: Black Ano

Front Wheels: RSD PM Contour Method
Builder/Size: PM 21 x 2.15
Tire: Metzler 21 - 90/90
Caliper: RSD - PM Contour Radial Mount
Rotor: PM 13” Method

Rear Wheels: RSD PM Contour Method
Builder/Size: PM 18 x 10
Tire: Metzler 18 - 280
Caliper: PM Vrod 4 piston
Rotor: PM 11.5” Method

Painter: Chris Wood – Airtrix
Molding: Chris Wood – Airtrix
Graphics: Roland Design – C wood laid it down!
Color(s): Roland Design – Cwood application.
Chrome: Nah dude!
Powder Coating: Mike at Concept Powder coating.

Essentials: Handlebars/Risers: Roland Design

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Any additional info about the bike or the building process?

We were all sitting around trying to figure out what to do with our new vrod. I’d orderd a zx6 tail section from Kent Richies at Airtech just because I thought they were bad looking. I grabbed it and set it on the bike. Who’d of guessed it was a perfect fit.

I wanted to make a pissed off racing styled Vrod. Instead of softening everything up and making it look funky, we sharpened all the edges and made it look aggressive and gave it attitude. We did a ton of fabrication on the bike. Brett Marshall and Ed Winkowski got down on many of the custom parts. The bike has tons of one off custom work throughout. Suspension and brakes were super important so we used RSD de-raked trees and the OHlins radial mount fork and shocks with PM’s new RSD Radial mount brake caliper. It’s like dual disk braking with a single caliper. The Vrod handlebars and gauges are hideously large and un-aggressive so we put all that shit on ebay, pulled out the gauges and frenched them into the top of the stock airbox cover. We did some angry drop down custom bars to give it an aggressive stance. The stock vrod radiator shroud is also another sore point of the vrods looks. It’s kind of cheap and plastic looking, so we fabbed up a cool angular shroud to match the rest of the bike. We bent up a bunch of mesh to add that NASCAR/tuner feel. We kept the stock Vrod headlight and made a custom number plate mount for it. The bike started as a development piece for the PM Vrod Phatial, so a lot of the products on the bike will soon be available from PM. The Phatail swingarm kit allows you to run up to a 280 tire and ten-inch wheel. The motor had to be stout to match the rest of the bike so we sent the freshly polished cases to Zippers for the works. It’s an animal. PM Contour wheels, PM Contour Vrod Controls, brakes and wheels set the rest of the bike off.


Photos and Interview from Hot Rod Bikes Magazine.

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