3D Custom Paint
located in Willis, MI in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area
Owners: Daniel Lewis & Donna Preston
Phone: 734-461-6360
Website: www.3dcustompaint.com
Email: dwls69@3dcustompaint.com

3D Custom Paint serves the Southeast Michigan area with the highest quality House of Kolor Paints and Matrix System products. We specialize in customizing bikes and cars using techniques such as Kandy Pearl, Flames Graphics, Metal Flake, Kameleon, Glow in the Dark, Marbleizing, Kandy, Illusion, Murals and custom Airbrush designs.3D Custom Paint can design the look and feel of your ride to your specific needs and wants, from the simplest designs to the most intricate pieces, making your bike a unique, show stopping, work of art. 3D Custom Paint's artists Daniel Lewis and Donna Preston will work with you to make it work for you. 3D Custom Paint is not only your custom paint specialist, but they are also experienced in basic paint/insurance jobs, bike tank repair, body work, metal welding, fiberglass fabrication, custom glass etching, and even vinyl signs and banners!


With 18 years experience in the custom paint industry, Danny Lewis, aka Kandyman, brings cars and motorcycles to life. Danny is able to implement many styles of custom paint including: Metal Flake, Marbleizing, Kameleon, Chrome Illusion, and Glow in the Dark.

Through the creation of graphic illusion Danny takes you on a mind-expanding ride into the 4th Dimension. Dan has won numberous prizes with his work, including 1st place at Harleyfest, 1st place at Hog Rendezvous, 1st place at Motorcity H-D, 1st place burnout at Boom-a-Rama, 1st place at West Side Lounge and Riders Custom Cycles, and 1st place Best Custom at Wolverine Inn. His winning bike is a 2001 Sportster 1200+, which he purhcased in 2003. He did all the fabricating himself, making the fenders, skull taillight and fatboy tank to his own custom specs, and proceeded to remake into the fabulous award winner it is today

danbike1_jpg blueflames-jpg gambler-girls1_jpg flamehelmet_jpg lightningstorm3 danbike5_jpg

Partner Donna Preston brings 17 years of custom paint experience, and that experience really shows in her talented wide spectrum of design methods. Some of them include: landscaping murals, wildlife murals and cartooning. Donna's unique effects include Glow in the Dark, Kandy Pearl, and Chrome Illusion. With great pride in her flame graphics and glass etching, Donna's work is seen across the country and internationally. Donna began sharing her talent in 2000 by teaching a course in Custom Paint at Washtenaw Community College.

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