At BCC we focus on respectable custom built bikes that are reliable and designed to fit you and your budget. Built not only to appeal to your emotions but to your sense of reason.

With virtually thousands of options to choose from, we take all the guesswork, hassle, indecision and parts chasing out of the designing and building your dream bike - all without spending BIG BUCKS.

Custom bikes don't follow any set rules. In the past custom meant taking what you have and try to make it into something you 'want'. The end result often became nothing more than a non-functional, underpowered, factory 'cookie cutter' custom that you couldn't ride. No production lines here - we take our time and do things right!

As the American V-Twin motorcycle industry continues to develop so do we... We build bikes that not only 'fit' BUT 'work'. In simpler terms - bikes that not only LOOK cool, but ARE cool. No 'high-profile' expensive 'butt jewelry' here, just a bike that you are not only PROUD to ride but WANT to ride.

Whether a daily street rider or a totally unique theme bike - BCC is your choice. Experience and devotion builds 'DAM' FINE HOT RODS

Along with  Frames <rigid and softtail> forward control and welding jig blueprints they offer “build parts” like neck tubes, axle boxes, engine and transmission mounts. Rick < the owner> also writes editorial articles for two magazines on the subject of frame design and frame/bike building.


BCC has been building one off custom builds for years with this spring being the first to offer “his “ and “hers” production bikes.

Rick is also working on a very special personal build dedicated to the love of his life, his wife Beverly who lost her battle with breast cancer a year ago. This bike build will be documented and filmed from start to finish and ready to unveil at Biketoberfest in Daytona this October. There is more information on BCC’s web site. If you want to learn more and be a part of this wonderful project contact Rick.


Beaver Custom Choppers also carries a great line of t-shirts. They are currently updating their web site to include the womens line so for now give them a call if you want to know what they have available.


Don’t forget to check out their line of stickers!!

For more information you can reach Rick @
Beaver Custom Choppers
Box 770372
Orlando, Florida USA