Come see Rick “Kat Daddy”
and Melissa and their friends and family at Kat Daddy Customs

6568 CR427 Auburn, IN 46706 - Phone 260.927.7050
Email Staff@katdaddycustoms.com
Website: www.katdaddycustoms.com

Here at Kat Daddy Customs our motto is....
"You can't buy Custom out of a catalog".

We started the business 2 years ago. We had taken the 99 Fat Boy on the web site to the Easyriders Show in Columbus Ohio where we took third place. Family and friends had been encouraging me for years to start my own custom shop because they've seen me do much more complicated things with metal fabrication and bike designs than you see on t.v. So my wife and I decided to take a chance, and started building a total one off bike called The Wraith. The Wraith bike is also on the web site . It is the green bike with the deamon on the side. This bike took several top honors. For example, at the Cycle Fest show in Auburn Indiana we took First in class for the Wraith in the custom class, we took First in class for the stock custom class with the Tiger bike, and we walked away with best of show, and two sponsers choice awards. We have numorous awards for the Tiger bike. As a result from our wins in this show we were contacted by Stephanie at Cycle Fest to see about doing a build off with another builder in the area, for 2007. We eagerly accepted.


The name Kat Daddy came from the love of tigers, I have several tiger tattoos, and my co workers from my days working construction and fabrication nick named me kat daddy, so what better name for the company than Kat Daddy Customs. Its a name thats hard to forget.

We do everything by hand, our fenders we have spun by a local old timer, who still works out of his barn with 50 year old equipment. He makes me a spin that looks like an over sized pie pan, I then cut it in half and weld the two halves together side by side, which gives me a blank to start designing my fenders. All mig, tig and brazing is done by me, and oh yes, I am certified. Went back to school in my 40's, so I am walking proof that you are never to old to better yourself.

The tanks start out as a flat sheet of metal and a vision. I use plastic mallets, and a gun shot bag, to beat it into the general shape. If more work is required, I then use what is called a plannishing hammer to smooth out all the hammer marks. After that I use an english wheel to roll the metal threw over and over until the metal is smooth, this tool is also used to help in the rounding over of the metal. When I first started this it was very time consuming. A typical tank would take me several days to finish. But now after hours and hours of practice I can do one in a day or two, depending on the complexity of the tank.
Frames are all done in house, as my frames are usually pretty unique.

As usual with the complexity of my bikes and the lack of style from the after market world, we usually make our own handle bars, air breathers, head light assemblys, oil tanks, exhaust pipes, sissy bars etc. If it can be fabed we do it. As far as paint goes we have Dirk of Bad Dad Custom Finishes, in Fort Wayne, Cody of Metal Masterpices in Indianapolis, and Scal with Scal Graphics Pinstripping in Fort Wayne, do all of our paint work. We pride ourselves in not turning away any one. If you cant afford major work done to your bike we’ll figure out some way to make your bike unique and keep it in your bugdet.



The Wraith bike had the oil tank under the gas tank. And I used the down tubes as the feed and return lines. The battery box was also located under the gas tank.

rick billy bike3

This bike started out as a 03 Sporty. this customer was very tall and he looked like a giant on it and wanted to know if we could make it fit him. So rather than try and modify his frame we kept the neck and started over .

I started out just making fenders and tanks. Then was asked to build a frame, then handle bars and on and on. I quickly found out that family and friends were right I did have a gift for creating unique parts.In metal fabrication, for example, I've even had farmers wainting antique farm equipment duplicated. Our shop is small, and we funded our business out of our pockets, but we offer our customers a warm family environment, doable prices, flexiabilty, and creativity. We will probably never be millionares, but we will enjoy doing what we do. As for 2007, we have a new bike in the build for the biker build in May. As we speak it is in the hands of Cody at Metal Masterpieces getting its graphixs created. A Dupont rep saw the raw frame and parts at Cody's shop and signed on to sponsor all the paint for it, and if Dupont will sponsor the paint in the bare stage, wait till they see the finished product. We also have AirFX out of Indy sponsoring the air ride for this mystery bike. We can't release to much info about it, for we are to unveil it the day of the build off at a local Harley shop.



Featured in the June 2005 issue of Street Chopper Magazine!


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