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Phone 704-788-8010

The Morton's Custom History

The Morton brothers started building custom bikes as early as 1983. After working for other companies, Doug and Rodney decided to open their own shop. Rodney went to AMI Daytona Beach to receive his degree in Harley-Davidson maintenance. While Rodney was attending school, Doug stayed in Concord and built up equity in the building. After graduating with honors Rodney returned, and the brothers opened up Morton's Custom Bikes.

In 1993, Easyrider had their convention in Charlotte for the first time. The Morton's entered two bikes; they won both the Sportster and the Panhand Class. Both bikes were built from the ground up. Since Morton's won their first awards at Easyrider, they have added over two hundred awards and trophies to their credit. With Morton's expert skills and experience, they have been recognized by VQ magazine as Master Bike Builders.


Vulcan 800


The board-track racer pictured was a project bike we did for V-Twin TV that started out as a 1999 V-Star 650. This bike was build from the ground up.




Here at Mortons we specialize in custom pipes for metric bikes. We have a wide variety of pipes for many different Bikes. We also make our own 7 degree triple trees for Metric Bikes. You can see allot of these products on many of the bikes pictured. The M109 was our latest project we developed our own pipes, triple tree, big air kit also a ram air kit and a bypass cable for this bike it really adds a great look for this model. All of our pipes have that straight drag Pipe sound to them.They are sold under the M-Tric Name.

paintstuff_005 paintstuff14 paintstuffB_002

Our Master in house Painter Scott Andrews (Easy Rider Master Painter 2005) Handles all paint jobs graphics, airbrush, pin striping etc..... all done in house at competitive pricing.

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