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I built my first motorcycle in 1975, while attending trade school. While others were working on lawnmower motors, I found myself putting together an Indian and a Triumph. Since that time I have been very active in the motorcycle world. I've owned motorcycle businesses and worked in several shops, I've attended rallies and judged bike shows and I've done several custom builds including first place show winners. Whether I start out with a pile of rusty parts or start with brand new parts each project is rewarding. Here are some photos of my accomplishments and building projects. My recent projects have been centered around Bonneville racing, and setting land speed records there. I enjoy building antique, metric and domestic motorcycles, and then entering them in different classes and racing them at Bonneville. I have a couple of motorcycles projects I am currently working on for land speed record attempts in the future. 

Durango and Bonneville trip 0371

Guy Mobbley, owner & “KREW CHIEF”

This is a bike I built in 2003. This bike won first place in its class "best ultra and grand champion at the Portland International Bike show". This is a 100 inch rev tech with 6 speed transmission, santee frame with independant gas tank. with RC wheels.

THE “WRECKING KREW” Sherm’s racing team


Butch Cook is our number one rider who has set four records for us in three years, not to mention his drag racing accomplishments of which there are many.


Another one of our riders is Sam Morgan <Storm> who has set one record for us in the vintage class. She is a professional motorcycle drome rider with more than thirty years experience.

ShowLetter_0001 ShowLetter sam_36_chief

They don’t give out many trophies on the salt, this one is for the fastest metric V-twin in 2005.

 1936 INDIAN RACER ..Summer of 2005.


We took this bike from rust to the race in ninety days. These photos reflect the summer of 2005 in preperation for the race at Bonneville Salt Flats in September of 2005. This bike set the two records in 2006, with two different pilots, Sam Morgan ran this bike in the M-PV 1350cc class at 95.863mph. Butch Cook ran this bike in the M-VG 1350cc class at 100.022mph. This bike set two records in the vintage class. See the transformation below:

Durango and Bonneville trip 267

Butch Cook on a Honda CRF450. We set an AMA land speed record in the production/production P/P 500cc class at 109.858 mph. This bike is loaded with off road extras!


Here is the CRF450 in 2006 breaking our own record in the P/P 500cc class at 112.467 mph!

Bonneville: The first year

Durango and Bonneville trip 168
Durango and Bonneville trip 278

                                       1500 Kawasaki Meanstreak
 It was sponsored by the Kawasaki factory, Motorcycle USA and Sherms race team (Wrecking Krew). It was entered in the production P/G 1650cc and set the record at 126.680 mph

MVC-001F_0001 079_79

This bike is a VN2000 Kawasaki. This bike was sponsored by the Kawasaki factory, and Motorcycle USA. Butch Cook set a land speed record in the AMA modified A/PP 3000cc class at 139.620mph. We also captured the fastest metric V-twin at Bonneville in 05 fastest pass at: 141mph. We recieved a trophy and $1000 cash prize

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