Southern Metal Choppers

11116 Middle Fiskville Road, Suite E
Austin, TX
Phone 515-833-5044
Website: www.southernmetalchoppers.com

Southern Metal Choppers opened their doors December 1, 2003 and while this may not seem out of the ordinary these days, cousins Bronson and Jason Willard did it āla Field of Dreams ­ If you open it they will come. You see when the key hit the lock that first day they did not have a customer one, just a desire to do what the enjoyed.
Bronson like many of us got the motorcycle bug at an early age with messing with dirt bikes, he then made the natural progression into street bikes, finally getting his first Harley 10 years ago. While living in the Bryan area he became friends with the folks at K&K Cycle Works and began stopping by after work to hang out, help out if needed and gain knowledge. Never a thought of opening his own shop. It was during this time that Jason, a heavy equipment mechanic by trade also picked up a Buell. He too had made the normal progression of riding, seeing how both had the benefit of growing up in the country where riding dirt bikes were just a daily way to have fun. They soon found themselves living in the Austin


area; Bronson would work on friend’s bikes in the evenings, till someone asked why didn’t he open his own shop? This seemed like a legitimate question, which he mentioned to his cousin Penny who promptly got out the local paper and proceeded to scan for a suitable location. Hell if your gonna work on bikes all day you ought to do it with someone to help pass those long hours it takes to get a new shop going, so Bronson recruited Jason to join in this adventure. As time went on the shop began to gain a loyal customer base and bring in new ones by showing up with one of their latest creations at any place where there was a motorcycle parked. They had a booth at the “04 Republic of Texas Rally, which gave them quite a bit more exposure to the public. 

Unfortunately it has just a few days after the ROT rally ended that tragedy would make an appearance. On June 10 while out enjoying the evening with friends and family, Jason’s Buell would go down on the highway. Although he held on and tried, Jason lost his fight two days later. At the time he was attending classes at ACC and was scheduled to begin a motorcycle mechanic class that fall. Bronson decided to keep the shop going and seems to debut some new creation either with paint or metal every Thursday night at the weekly bike night gathering, that they normally help sponsor.


So whether you are looking for basic maintenance, maybe you just want to add that shiny new part, personalize with some new paint, graphics, or airbrushig or even the Full Blown, “What was I thinking, boy is my wife gonna be mad when she finds out how much I spent on my bike” total transformation. Bronson will be more then happy to help you achieve the custom look you desire.


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