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The V-Rex on the streets of America!

After spending weeks in careful study of the images of the design of the V-REX, Christian Travert stumbled onto on the world wide web, rendered by world famous Tim Cameron, motorcycle 3D designer, he knew it was a big enough challenge and decided he must build it and bring it on the streets of America. Christian’s background speaks for itself as an engineering genius and bike builder extraordinaire, based in Florida, who has already achieved the near impossible by being responsible for the engineering and building of the outrageous 250mph ‘Y2K’ jet turbine-powered bike – still regarded as the fastest,

street legal, production motorcycle in the world as well as the “Daytona Boss” also powered by a jet engine, which was ordered by the largest Harley Davidson dealer/owner, Mr. Bruce Rossmeyer. Something struck Christian about the futuristic design and he found himself beginning to apply his engineering know how to some of the problems posed by the design. If anyone possessed the talent to bring this outrageous new design alive, it was this man.

Of course Christian was not content to only build ONE example of this motorcycle, but duly commenced plans to start up a factory to accommodate an entire full-blown mass production facility for this machine!

Since the opening of the Travertson, Inc. factory based in Fort Lauderdale, Christian and his team have been racing the clock and working crazy hours on the massive task of making the bike, now christened ‘V-Rex’ production-ready. It is one thing to create a one of ‘show bike’, quite another to go into full-blown series production.

Throughout the entire task of building the V-REX, Christian has taken the already extreme design and effectively gone further. New engineering solutions have been formulated so that the bike not only retains the striking looks of the original design, but functions perfectly as a ‘real world’ motorcycle. Pre-orders for the V-Rex have been rolling in even before the machine had turned a wheel, such has been the excitement and anticipation of what must surely be one of the most mind blowing new motorcycle designs ever seen.

Naturally, the next step was to show it to the public, and this he did by launching the V-REX in Daytona during Bike Week and here “all hell broke loose”! He knew it would cause a stir, but not a tidal wave, which is what he got!

In Daytona Beach, there was really only one bike to see, causing shock and awe every where and eventually getting pinned down just long enough to win its category in the famous Daytona Boardwalk Bike Show as well as being the first production bike in 35 years, to finish in the top 10 in over 150 entries in the Rat’s Hole show, the Travertson V-Rex, is causing an absolute sensation not just here in the US, but all around the world.

Born from advanced computer graphics mixed with design passion and new millenium engineering, V-Rex is a totally new direction in custom motorcycles. One look tells you everything you need to know - that there’s never been anything quite like this machine. Travertson specifically chose Harley Davidson Dealers as choice dealers simply because they use Genuine H/D V-Rod motors, wiring harness, controls etc.. to enable the consumer to go to H/D dealers to get their V-REX serviced. Travertson plans on building “NEW, MIND BLOWING MOTORCYCLES” every year. Finally, The V-REX is a bike that can reflect a testament to our pride, patience and can announce our presence without being seen. The future of motorcycle design is here! The V-REX will rule the streets and start a new era in motorcycle design and engineering!

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