The 2008 Sabertooth® Motorcycles Provide More Power and Primal Grace than Ever Before

Boston, MA (January 2008) - Sabertooth Motorcycles, created in 2005 by Dr. Ben Daniels, is pleased to announce the arrival of the 2008 WildCat™ family of motorcycles. Sabertooth Motorcycles has developed a unique motorcycle brand that pairs the enhanced riding experience of a V8 with a comparable level of quality and style.

 Sabertooth Motorcycles has created a motorcycle for the experienced rider seeking a new level of physical exhilaration and emotional satisfaction. Appealing to a wide range of two-wheeled enthusiasts, riders can experience unparalleled ride quality and pride of ownership with a Sabertooth WildCat.  .


The inaugural production model, the WildCat, draws attention wherever it goes, boasting a combination of primal grace, edgy styling, and power unmatched anywhere else.

Central to the revolutionary design of the WildCat is the Ford Racing 302 ci engine with aluminum GT-40 heads, truly making this bike a racecar on two wheels!

“When we first designed the WildCat we thought the market was a few hundred motorcycles a year,” said Ben Daniels, President of Sabertooth Motorcycles. “From the first time we unveiled the bike in public we knew the appeal was much broader than we had ever anticipated.”

 The WildCat is unique in its ability to deliver more horsepower to the rear wheel due to Sabertooth’s superior proprietary transmission. Additionally, the hidden rear suspension utilizes cantilevered shocks, transferring weight more efficiently to the rear wheel under acceleration, providing better traction and better performance. The motorcycle was also designed with a low center of gravity to provide exceptional balance and handling.

 Because the WildCat is a motorcycle with a V8 engine, which is traditionally used in automobiles, significant engineering was required to enable the components to function properly in a two-wheeled vehicle. The entire drivetrain, including the transmission and the clutch were specifically engineered and adapted to power this edgy new generation of motorcycle.

 A lot of research went into choosing the engine to power the WildCat, and after several prototypes, Sabertooth selected the Ford Racing 302 ci. The Ford Racing engine is superior for several reasons. The narrower profile is better suited to a motorcycle for rider comfort as well as more pleasing styling and geometry. It also has a better power to weight ratio than other comparable V8 engines which translates into greater performance, and the front mounted distributor is more conducive to traditional motorcycle design.

 In addition, the Ford Racing engine is easier to cool because of its smaller mass, allowing Sabertooth to use a compact, more stylish radiator, further enhancing the WildCat’s racy design.

New for 2008, the enhanced WildCat is setting a high standard for combined power, quality, and styling. The WildCat now has an eight gallon gas tank, allowing for increased cruising range up to 200 miles. In addition, Sabertooth has redesigned the footpeg mounting system for greater ground clearance and more maneuverability.

 The improvements do not stop there. Sabertooth has optimized the frame and seat for increased rider comfort, introduced a larger front brake rotor (13” diameter with 6 piston calipers) for better stopping power and radical styling, and added a new multifunction digital display.

  Sabertooth is also providing more options for their WildCat line in 2008. Riders can now opt for a 347 ci stroker engine, fuel injection and an air ride suspension. Little comforts like a removable sissy bar in two styles, one with a padded backrest and the other with a padded backrest and integrated luggage rack are also available this year. Additional chrome accessories and optional seats add to the list of available options.

The WildCat is also available in two additional trim levels.

The Midnight WildCat offers the thrill of the original with a dramatic new look of mystery and stealth.  Donning Performance Machine Contrast Cut wheels, pulley, and discs combined with black anodized controls, headlight, and front end plus a special selection of paint makes this bike one edgy machine.

 The pulse-quickening WildCat X steps up with its eye-popping combination of finish and paint. The extensive chrome package includes headlight, forks, controls, wheels, pulley, and brake components, plus such touches as stainless steel engine hoses with anodized fittings, with the option of an all aluminum engine block. The WildCat X sets off Sabertooth’s most stunning array of paint schemes to create this exclusive ride.

Sabertooth Motorcycles are produced in a 25,000 square foot factory in Greer, SC, which includes extensive CNC machining capabilities and a dedicated climate-controlled paint facility. All frames, handlebars, and sheet metal components are designed, engineered and built in house. Only the highest quality components, many of which are exclusively designed and manufactured for Sabertooth Motorcycles, are fitted on their bikes.

 “For pure exhilaration, nothing compares to a WildCat,” said Ben Daniels. “But today’s motorcycle riders also expect a bike that looks as cool as it rides, and I can tell you that nothing turns heads more than a Sabertooth bike.”

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 The WildCat is available in three trim levels. The base WildCat comes standard with the following. Performance, chrome, paint and other upgrades are available. See website for detailed specs on Midnight WildCat and WildCatX:


-          Rake: 36 frame, 3 triple tree
-          Wheelbase: 89”
-          Seat Height: 26”
-          Dry Weight: 1050 lb.
-          Fuel Tank: 8 gallon capacity


-          Type: Ford Racing 302 ci V8 engine
-          Horsepower: 350 HP
-          Torque: 340 ft. lbs.
-          Carburetor: Edelbrock 600 CFM 4-barrel
-          Heads: Aluminum GT 40 cylinder heads
-          Cooling System: Griffin Thermal Products radiator
-          Exhaust: Sabertooth ceramic coated headers and racing style oval tail pipes


-          Frame: Sabertooth engineered cradle frame with removable spine
-          Side Panels: ABS molded
-          Front Fender: Steel
-          Rear Fender: Swing arm mounted fiberglass
-          Dual hidden rear shocks


-          Front: Performance Machine dual polished 6 piston calipers and stainless steel 13” rotors
-          Rear: Performance Machine polished 4 piston calipers and stainless steel 11.5” rotor


-          DynaClaw 2 speed manual
-          Clutch: Centerforce light weight pull hand-operated clutch
-          Final Drive: Gates GT belt drive

About Sabertooth Motorcycles

 Sabertooth Motorcycles, created in 2005 by Dr. Ben Daniels, offers an alternative to huge V-8 powered bikes, v-twin bikes and other high-performance motorcycles.

Sabertooth Motorcycles operates a 25,000 square foot factory in Greer, South Carolina with in-house frame building, sheet metal fabrication, paint operations and assembly. The company’s proprietary frame and swingarm design has undergone extensive finite element analysis (FEA) testing to ensure structural integrity of the components under stress.

 Sabertooth Motorcycles uses a Ford Racing 302 ci engine in its bikes, selected not only for its smoothness, reliability and awesome power (dyno rated at 350 hp) but also for the styling advantages provided by a narrower profile than other V8 engines.

Outsourced components from such high-end brands as Performance Machine (wheels, rotors, and brakes), Mean Street (front end), Griffin Thermal Products (radiator), Gates Corporation (belt), and Joker Machine (hand and foot controls), and Dakota Digital (instrumentation) have all been developed to Sabertooth specifications in many cases.

 Sabertooth Motorcycles is listed in the NADA Guide, Kelley Blue Book, and Black Book and is already insurable through Progressive, Geico and Nationwide. Financing is available through HSBC. The bikes come with a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty on parts and labor with standard restrictions. Base MSRP begins at $34,995.

For more information on the Wildcat go to

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