Custom Bike Build Project From Tom Baarstad of
 Chino Hills, CA

Tom was a Machinist for 5 years. He Raced flattrack and speedway in So. Calif. (Late 70's early 80's) He worked at S&W Shocks 1980-82 and worked at Branch Flowmetrics 82-83. “ While I was at Branch, I was a team member for the America Honda Dirt tracker (Hondas first successful 1/2 mile and mile track bike to compete with the Harley XR750). I am also the Co-Founder of the motorcycle club "RUTS" Racers Under The Son. A Christian based off road riders club” (see )

This is Tom’s first experience in building a custom Bike, but I am sure with Tom’s credentials that he will have no problems.

On With The Build!

I spoke with the painter today and we think we can have the bike tins painted and the frame/swingarm powdercoated in the next couple weeks. I have hand controls on order (new Pro-One billet units) and still need a clutch, primary chain drive, stator, coil, ignition, electrics, speedo and cables. A seat pan with custom seat is coming in about a month as the mfr. (C & C Seats) is waiting for some material and time to get it done.

NOTE: The rear fender was dropped tight over the back wheel and now floats with the swingarm instead of being attached to the frame, as pictured. Also a rear seat hoop has been fabbed and welding it onto the frame will be done in the next couple days. Paint will be two tone. Black on the bottom of all tins with a Forest Green metal flake on top. The black and green will be separated by a 1 - 1 1/2" Candy Orange Melon stripe between the two. A Purple pin stripe will separate green from the candy melon and a green pin stripe will separate the candy melon from the black. Every part on this bike will be custom painted or polished!!!







Wheels/Rotors/Pulley by Renegade
Tires are Venoms by Avon
Motor is a fully polished 121 by TP Engr.
Tranny is a polished Hyd. RSD 6 speed belt drive by Primo Rivera
Frame/Swingarm/Tank and Rear Fender is by Pro-Tube Frameworks in Tenn.
Primary Cover/Forward Controls/Brakes/Front Fender, Speedo and Front Fork Assy by Pro-One
Custom Pipes are by Frankie Serrano Designs out of Ny, Ny (now in Florida.)
Handlebars are from Big Bear Choppers 300 Sled

Keep us informed Tom on your bike build as it progresses.

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If you have any questions or comments send your e-mail to BIKES@HRHLBIKES.COM