Johnny Vaughn can remember his mother building a custom Pan Head in their living room when he was a youngster...building is in his blood

Read on as he describes his custom build “Johnny’s Chobber”

     This project started about 1 year ago.  I bought the frame from Rolling Thunder with the personal ride of my dreams in mind.  I love choppers and Bobbers. I decided to combine both with this build.
     Next I purchased the Springer front end from Custom Chrome.  The gas tank is off an old Sportster. The rear fender will hold a Two Ton Hoe.  The Wheels were supplied by Ride Wright Wheels.  The risers and handlebars were supplied by Wild 1, Inc. The bars had to be modified since there is no clutch lever or control buttons on the left side and there is an internal throttle.  The seat is from Bar Enterprises.  The brake rotors are Pro 1 and both calipers are Performance Machine which I had some parts black anodized.  The hydraulic foot clutch and rear brake master cylinders are from Accutronix which I continued the black and polished offset.  The open primary is from Primo Rivera which again I continued the black and polished offset.  The clutch is a CENTRI-FORCE AUTO CLUTCH which at idle the clutch does not need to be dis-engaged to put the bike in gear. As soon as the RPM’s go up it engages for constant hole shots every time. This is from Primo Rivera as well. The powder coat on the frame was done by Primo Powder Coating. (Not affiliated with Primo Rivera.)  The Paint was done by Robert Briggs at Paint by Briggs.   The motor is a 2006 TC88B from Orange County Harley Davidson. I added Crane cams to give the bike more power at mid range. The Trans is a stock Softail 2006. 
     Special thanks go out to Banzai Machine and Launch Padz for custom mods I could not do myself.  And thank you to photographer  Cerese Sage for the excellent build and completion photos. I make a living at selling Wild 1 Chubby Bars and control cable kits and have been riding for over 30 years.

The Build

Owner: Johnny Vaughn
Bike Name: Johnny’s Chobber
Model: Special Construction Ridged
Year: 2006
Fab/Assembly: Johnny Vaughn (HD Bike Parts)
Build Time: 1 Year
Paint/Graphics: Briggs
Year: 2006
Manufacturer: HD
Displacement: TC88B
Ignition: S&S
Cams: Crane .505/.505
Carb: 45mm CV
Exhaust: Paul Yaffe
Compression: Stock
Year: 2006 Softail
Manufacturer: HD
Primary Drive: Primo Rivera W/Centri-force Auto Clutch
Rolling Thunder
Suspension: NONE
Stretch: 2 out 3 up
Rake: 38°
Style: TC88B 180 Ridged
Powder Coat: Primo Powder Coat
CCI Springer 4” over
Front: 21”
Wheel: Ride Wright
Tire: Avon
Brake/Caliper: Rotor: Pro 1/Caliper: PM
Rear: 16”
Wheel: Ride Wright
Tire: Avon
Brake/Caliper: Rotor: Pro 1/Caliper: PM
Handlebars: Wild 1 Chubbys Modified
Risers: Wild 1 Springer Pullback Anodized
Grips: Accutronix
Headlight: Headwinds
Tail light: CCI
Mirrors: Paul Yaffe
Seat: Bar Enterprises
Gas Tank: Sportster modified
Front Fender: NONE
Rear Fender: Two Ton Hoe
Oil Tank: Rolling Thunder
Footpegs: Accutronix
Controls: Accutronix
Shifter: Johnny Vaughn

































Lead Mechanic

Lead Mechanic

Wheel Weight

Wheel Weight

You can find Johnny at where you can also see what else he has to offer for accessorizing your ride...maybe, just maybe, it might look as sweet as his.

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