What started as a dream and a couple of pieces of steel tubing is now a strikingly beautiful trike and the brainchild of a young and promising builder, Matt Ruthig. Some people possess a natural inclination for mechanics, but Matt takes it one step further and is truly a gifted mechanical artist. Looking at his creation, you would think he has been at this for years, but the reality that this is his first solo build is almost unbelievable. A diesel mechanic by trade, Matt began work in December of 2008 and worked on the trike whenever time allowed. This usually meant very long days, and most weekends were spent in the shop which is based in Odessa, Fl. With the support of friends, family, and business associates alike, the trike was completed in October of 2009. The fact that Matt is so young and was invited to The Florida Motorcycle Expo and Bike Builders Invitational is truly a testament to his talent and skill.
     It is important to point out that what exactly is meant when it is said that Matt built this trike from the ground, up. If you watch certain TV shows about building custom motorcycles, you will see the “builders” order a frame and all the major components, proceed to assemble them and call it a “hand built” custom. This is not the case with The Gateway Trike. The frame, the tank, and fenders are all steel and were hand fabricated or modified by Matt in a tiny shop no bigger than the average two car garage. Every aspect of the build was carefully planned and executed with startling precision. Matt is following in the footsteps of the great builders by doing his own fabrication with painstaking attention to every detail.


     It seems trikes are becoming a fast growing favorite among bikers both young and old. With that in mind, Matt set out to build something with a fresh approach to what a trike should look and ride like. The Gateway Trike was built to be ridden, not just observed from behind a velvet rope. Functionality was a big part of the concept and design. A lot of custom trikes seem to put form before function, but Matt has managed to accomplish a stable design that rides smooth and turns heads everywhere it goes. Equipped with air ride suspension, this trike really delivers comfort for the rider without giving up anything in the way of looks or style. The Gateway Trike is a one of a kind, hand built masterpiece. From its custom frame, to the candy brandy wine custom paint job, to the Trinity modified limited slip rear end, this thing screams awesome and demands respect.

(click on photo to enlarge)


     For the power plant, Matt used a 107ci Ultima motor and a six speed transmission with an open belt primary. The design of the rear fenders gives them an almost suspended look, and the fully functioning gauges hidden in the saber style mirrors give the trike a sleek and clean appearance. 

     The Gateway Trike has walked away with an award from every show it has entered, judges and fans alike are awe struck at the style and beauty of this machine. We look forward to more creations from Matt and Gateway Customs.

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