davidmann6logo6th Annual David Mann Chopper Fest Filled With Custom Bikes, Crowds, and Vendors

     Rapidly becoming famous for its custom bike display filled with not only functional bikes, but ones that are also artistically appealing, this year’s show continued the tradition.  Numerous bikes were arrayed across the Ventura County Fairgrounds, truly a wonderous sight on a clear California December day.
     Roving reporter Bart Mitchell headed to the show to see what was in store for this year and was not disappointed.  Plenty of bikes to photograph, acres of vendors inside buildings and along the fairground walkways to talk to and snap pictures of and a cool, rocking band to listen to while taking in the whole scene.
     The inaugural show was held several months after the death of the artist it is named for and his influence carries throughout the show.  A David Mann Art Exhibit by Ron Siegel Fine Art showcased many of the artist’s works while the entire atmosphere of the show is laid-back in a style only bikers can understand.


     A good portion of the atmosphere is supplied by the custom bikes humbly arranged on the fairground’s lawn waiting to be judged on just their looks shapely models, no glitzy platforms, and no theatrical lighting...just that supplied by Mother Nature.


     When taking a break from the awesome motorcycle display, a virtual cornucopia of vendors awaits in the swap meet area with just about any part you need to either fix your ride or complete that custom build.  And if they don’t have, chances are they know someone who does!


     This year’s event had some kick-ass tunes put out by the Starf**kers with guest performances by Slim Jim Phantom, Gilby Clarke and JD King.


     Bart had a great time at the show and with the abundance of photos he got, we know all our readers will love it, too.

6th Annual David Mann Chopper Fest continued...

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