Bikes and Babes Beat Out Cars for the Winners at First Time Car Show

Words and Photos: John Gunnell

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It started out as a classic car show at an exotic dancing establishment in Waupaca, Wis. But as it turned out, there were more bikes and more girls than there were cars at the Landing Strip’s first annual car show.
Though you’ll probably find this hard to believe, we turned up at the show by accident. Our iron pony was pointed towards another destination when we passed Waupaca’s small airport along side the highway, then glanced across the road to see a show in progress. Never wanting to miss a photo op, we hung a U-turn and took the service road to the show at the Landing Strip.

We noticed the cars from the highway, but the first thing we saw upon entering the parking lot were the bikes. There were about 20 of them and as we started taking photos, it struck us that about half the bikes were Triumphs, including a couple of pretty restored ones we had seen somewhere before.

We looked up to see Jim and Howard Hansen—the Limey Brothers mentioned in an earlier blog—standing behind a table full of trophies. Just a week earlier the Bros had brought three bikes to The Milwaukee Masterpiece, where they picked up a trophy for one of their first-class Triumph restorations.

Jim and Howard explained that they had heard about the Landing Strip car show and called the owner to see if he wanted to add a bike show. They got the green light and started contacting friends, including the owner of a trophy store. In less than a week, they lined up the bikes, had the trophies made up and put together a pretty amazing display of Triumphs and Harley-Davidsons.

The kicker was that it turned out the bikes outnumbered the cars 20 to 12. In fact, we’re not sure if they also outnumbered the girls. A poster for the Aug. 29 event promised that attendees who were interested in watching the dancers would see  “20+ girls.” You’ll probably think we’re covering up, but we really didn’t check out that aspect of the show. We even missed the calendar shoot planned for the afternoon. We had other things to do; maybe next year we’ll plan better.



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