Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2015 - Chicago, IL


Words and Photos: John Gunnell

The introduction of the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse added rock star cache to this year’s Chicago Progressive International Motorcycle Show, which took place Feb. 13-15 in Rosemont, Ill.

Other models of the modern Indian motorcycle seemed to be on display everywhere throughout the massive Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. There were Indian displays from the factory, from dealers and from customizers, as well as a few Indians offered as prizes in various raffles and contests.

All of the major manufacturers were on hand with their full line of motorcycles from sport bikes to cruisers. There were more 3-wheelers than ever before. The show also featured a vintage bike area and the J & P Cycles custom bike show with some fabulous new creations. Vendors were selling waxes, posters, artworks, T-shirts and all sorts of bike gear from helmets to cupholders.

The line to buy tickets on Friday afternoon filled half of the lobby in the huge hall. Progressive Insurance featured a large slot-car-like layout with miniature bikes and riders, cars and trucks, country style buildings and controls for spectators to take a shot at riding through a slice of the American countryside.

There was a heavy emphasis on motorcycle engine technology with displays of cutaway factory engines by the manufacturers, as well as shops such as Schroeder showing the various upgrades they can do to stock engines. Biker Hotline got to see an amazing practice session for motorcycle stunt riders honing their skills for weekend exhibitions.


PIMC Custom Bike 1

PIMC Custom Bike 2

PIMC Custom Bike 3

PIMC Custom Bike 4

PIMC Custom Bike 5

PIMC Custom Bike 6

PIMC Custom Trike

PIMC Indian Dark Horse

PIMC Indian Scout

PIMC Progressive Slot Track

PIMC Stunt Rider 1

PIMC Stunt Rider 2

PIMC Ticket Line

PIMC Vendor Goodies

PIMC Vintage BMW Sidecar




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