The 2016 Swiss-Moto

Words & Photos: Marcel Hartter

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Today with the Swiss-Moto, the largest two-wheeler fair in Switzerland  opens its doors. The organizers expect up to 70,000 visitors during the four exhibition days. Whether wild burnouts on the large stage in front of the fairgrounds, an off-road terrain with real trees and rocks in a re-purposed exhibition hall or six Swiss "Backyard Bikes screwdriver", the public has a plethora of things to see. Including the Bike Builder exhibit from Germany and abroad, as they present their latest creations and unusual ideas. On display  are crazy finishes, custom-made of different components and works of art completely developed in-house. Genuine Biker feeling guaranteed the western town "CUSTOM-TOWN" including saloon and a huge stage.

At the SWISS-MOTO, many prominent personalities were on the spot and gave visitors their autographs including  Randy Krummenacher, Moto2 pilot Tom Lüthi, Dominique Aegeter, Robin Mulhaser and former Miss Switzerland Christa Rigozzi. I wish all a good and accident-free season in 2016 from Switzerland.



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