Brackett’s Big Twin on Counting Cars


Words and Photos: Dave Brackett

big twin redone (2)

BikerHotline readers know Dave as an occasional contributor to the site and legendary builder. He’s got some exciting news to share with readers about the re-appearance of an old “friend.”

“The first part of February this year I had a most wonderful experience,” Dave explains. “45 years ago, I built an unusual five-wheel motorcycle, one up front and four across the rear. In February of 1970, it won the grand National Sweepstakes Award at the Oakland Roadster Show, the largest show in the country.

“The motorcycle was called ‘Big Twin.’ For several years it was the hallmark of AEE Choppers, then it got sold, and was seen around the show circuits for several years before disappearing. In 2012, ‘Big Twin’ came up for sale on eBay. It was sold and was not in good shape. The new owner contacted me to restore the motorcycle. They sent me the bike and I refabricated it and returned it to the owner, Bones Legacy Motorcycle of Las Vegas.

“Bones continued the restoration and had the bike painted at Count’s Kustoms of Las Vegas. The TV show Counting Cars is shot at Count’s Kustoms, and the TV people asked about the strange bike. They decided to make it an episode of “Counting Cars,” and asked me to be there for the TV shoot. They flew me to Las Vegas and I worked on the bike several days, then we did the TV show. What fun, I met Danny “The Count” Koker, and lots of motorcycle people from today and the past. I was surprised how well known I was and how many knew about my work.

The TV show is supposed to air in March (Ed. - Last we heard, it airs on March 31 but dates are flexible in TV), on the History channel, at 9PM, times may vary at different locations.

Check out this old man and his Kool bike from 45 Years ago, the restoration was excellent.





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