AEE Choppers Preview
By: Dave Brackett

AEE Chopper Challenge


For all the old time chopper gang out there, a series of stories about "AEE Choppers" is in the works. Jim Clark, one of the people present when AEE was formed and helped to create and run their magazines, and myself, who designed new products, built most of the custom bikes and was general manager, are working on stories about "AEE Choppers". We will take AEE from 1967, when it was started literally by accident, and show how they grew into an industry leader at that time, eventually closing in 1975.

Jim and I were working on ideas and outlines, so I put together a list of all the custom bikes AEE built in its almost nine years. This gave us an idea. I have enclosed a list of those bikes, and would like to propose a challenge to all who read this. Let's try to find as many of these bikes as possible. We would like to see where they are now, what they look like, and who them. If anyone has information about any AEE Custom bike, please contact Jack@HRHLBikes.com.

Good hunting and I hope we have some success. It would be great to create stories about some of those bikes and follow through to today. We will have photos of these bikes in future articles.

AEE Custom Bikes

"Mindbender", Harley knucklehead, stock rigid frame raked, custom springer front end, paint in golds, oranges, reds, built by Tom and Jim, finished in 1967.

"Corvair Trike", built by Tom and Jim, Oakland Bike Sweepstakes winner 1969, Corvair engine, three seats, paint in yellows, finished 1968.

"Womens Pride", Harley 74, panhead, Rose's bike, painted in blues, Harley rigid frame, redone many times by AEE to showcase new products, finished late 1968.

"Really", Honda 350, built by Dave, first custom rigid frame Honda chopper, Molly paint, greens and root beers, seat my Whitey Morgan, finished May 1969.

"Easy Rider" bikes, AEE built two copies of the Easy Rider bike for the movie studio to use for advertising, built by Dave, Danny and the gang, finished December 1969.

"Wild Kit Sportster", original kit bike, built by Dave, Danny and the gang, to showcase our "Kit Bike", products, paint by Molly, seat by Whitey Morgan, finished Jan 1970.

"Sportster Three Wheeler", built by Dave, and the gang, to showcase our new three wheeler kit for Harley Sportster, finished July 1970.

"Shovelhead", Harley, built by Dave, stock frame with weld on hardtail, raked, paint by Molly, purples, seat by Whitey Morgan, finished September 1970.

"Supersport", Sportster, built by Dave, Stock frame, weld-on hardtail, paint by Molly, reds, seat by Whitey Morgan, finished December 1970.

"Big Twin", concept by Tom, Rose, Dave and Jim, designed and built by Dave, built in 32 days for the Oakland Roadster Show, paint by Molly, first in reds, later purples, seats by Whitey Morgan, Grand Sweepstakes winner 1971, two sportster motors, Ford automatic transmission, done February 1971.


"Kit Bike Sportster", Brackett Chassis rigid frame, paint by Molly, yellows, seat by Whitey Morgan, featured AEE parts, redone to show new parts, completed January 1972.

"Big Four", Honda 750, built by Dave, rigid frame from Brackett Chassis Co., paint by Molly in white with blues and greens, seat by Whitey Morgan, finished February 1972.

"Quickstart", electric start Sportster, Brackett Chassis rigid frame, showcasing current "Kit Bike" parts, finished April 1972.

"Panhead 74" (How to build the chopper), AEE rigid frame, square springer, windshield peanut tank, paint in yellows and oranges, built by Dean, finished May 1972.

"7UP Bikes", His and Hers Triumphs, a 500cc and 650cc, started by Dave, AEE frames, finished by Dean, completed July 1972.

"Trick Trike", Harley 3 wheeler, designed and started by Dave, finished by Stan and Dean, Molly paint, oranges, seats by Whitey Morgan, finished October 1972.

"750 Honda", (How to build the chopper), frame by Brackett Chassis, finished December 1972, built by Dean.

"The Street Digger", blown Harley 74, built by Dean, Magnusson Blower, altered AEE frame, seat by Whitey Morgan, low profile, finished January 1973.

"Time Machine", 650 Triumph, AEE frame, altered by Dean, low profile bike, paint in golds and yellows, finished June 1973.
People mentioned above: Tom: Tom McMullen
                       Dave: Dave Brackett
                       Rose: Rose McMullen
                       Dean: Dean Rediger
                       Jim: Jim Clark
                       Danny: Danny James    

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