AEE Choppers "Supersport"

By Dave Brackett
Photos By Jim Clark


Having helped move AEE Choppers to a new location in late 1969 and spending several months Supersport-1-itureorganizing the shop, it was time to get back to promoting AEE Choppers through it's new magazine "Street Chopper".  Realizing our success was relative to our new and quality products, Tom wanted me to build a Sportster Chopper showing our latest products.  I got a Sportster, stripped it down, and looked at what I could do.  Complete rigid frames did not exist yet, but I had designed weld-on hardtail sections for Sportster frames.  I welded on a hardtail section, removed all the unnecessary tabs and brackets from the frame, and was ready to address the neck.  Tom wanted a long look, the hardtail was several inches longer, but we wanted the neck moved forward.  I took the frame to weld-shop foreman Bill Brundage.  He cut off the neck, formed plates and re-welded the neck six inches forward of the stock position, raking the neck about 12 degrees at the same time.
I then fashioned another gull-wing styled gas tank, like the one I did for "Really", and installed it.  While I was working on the frame, the motor was completely disassembled and sent to be chrome plated.  Contrary to popular belief, you could chrome plate heads and barrels without causing engine Supersport-3-ituproblems; the "Mindbender" had proven that.  One of our newly designed square springers was being built 15 inches over stock length to complete the front end assembly.
I wanted a nice oil tank, so contacted friend Dean Moon of Moon Equipment Company to fabricate one; they soon became an item for AEE to sell.  The motor was installed and I built custom one-piece headers with baffle inserts; then sent them to be chromed.  I made custom swept handlebars that came out of theSupersport-4-itu springer support legs, giving a long look to the front end.  A battery box was fabricated and wiring completed.  The fat 16" rear tire and skinny 17" front tire completed the look.
The bike was finished with an AEE short King and Queen seat, built by Whitey Morgan; rams horn style sissy bar, and one of our new small windshields was added.   Epoxy paint was done by "Molly" in reds and golds, placed over a square-molded frame.
The long low look could have created handling problems, but by correcting the trail with the design of the front rockers, the bike handled well.  Also stops to limit the turning helped eliminate the front end plow common in choppers.  A dual carb manifold was installed to complete the package.  The bike was finished in the summer of 1970 and was well received.  It was changed often to showcase many new products over the years, so photos of it vary.
The "Supersport" was in many shows and on many cruises and it was Tom's favorite bike, until the "Shovelhead" was finished.  The "Supersport" displayed all of AEE Chopper’s items, either existing or to come, and helped increase our sales.

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