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About Guest Columnist Rocky Robinson:
rockyOn Racing Motorcycles:
Growing up in the Salinas Valley, I worked in the family business fabricating water storage tanks and virtually anything else, as long as it was made from steel. Motorcycle racing was a huge part of my life. Our area was filled with talented riders such as Ricky Graham, Doug Chandler, Bubba Shobert, and many others. My brother and I lived for the weekends, where we got to bang handlebars with some of the best.
We competed in Flat Track or class ‘C’ racing in the late 70’s campaigning the “Camel Pro Series” which later became the “Winston Pro Series”. My brother switched to Speedway racing, and I soon followed. I was the Northern California Speedway Champion in 1989, and later tried my hand at Trials competition and was the number one ranked amateur in our club by my second year of competition.
Land speed racing came next, and as a relative rookie pilot in a very complex, fully enclosed streamlined motorcycle, I traveled at speeds above 270 mph after only a couple of test sessions—291 by my sixth motorized pass.  
In 2006, driving for Mike Akatiff and Top One Oil, I was fortunate enough to break the World Land Speed Record—which stood for 16 years, in the Ack Attack streamliner. We posted a best average speed through the timing lights at over 349 mph!  
On Writing:
My first book, FLAT OUT, puts you in the driver’s seat of world class racing machines designed for the sole purpose of going faster than any other before them. It’s a story of teamwork and passion. Of putting your life in someone else’s hands, only to one day find this same person may not have your own best interests at heart. The longer I lived the dream, the more important it became to document the journey. 
At the International Motorcycle Speed Trials, myself, Chris Carr and Sam Wheeler all took turns posting speeds well above the long standing record. This never happened before at a single event, and may never happen again. We hope to one day break the 400 mph barrier, a milestone in the history of motorcycle land speed racing—and I intend to be in the cockpit at the controls when that happens. What a story that will be…
Besides FLAT OUT, I am nearing completion on a novel entitled BAND OF THIEVES, which I hope will be welcomed into the publishing community. I enjoy the challenge of writing both fiction and nonfiction. It’s that first blank page you have to get past in order to get the job done. In this first effort, I promise not to hold anything back. In fact, I think the best approach is FLAT OUT…

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