side hack1resHarley Side Hack

By Dave Brackett

     In late 1969, I had finished building a Sportster three wheeler kit, and decided to build a chopper style side car kit for rigid frame Harleys.  I got a rigid frame Harley from stock and started looking it over. The rear of the frame, just in front of the rear axle, had two large holes, one above the other. I thought they might have been used for stock side hacks, so I got out old Harley literature and found photos of original side cars. They appeared to mount in those two holes and to the front pedal mounts, with a diagonal stabilizer bar mounting to a clamp between the two front frame rails, just below the neck.
     I started in the back, got a short piece of angle iron, duplicated the two bolt pattern to match the rear frame holes, welded 1 1/2 inch tubing to that, having the tube parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the bike. I bolted this to the frame, it was very rigid, so I got an extra rear wheel for Harley, machined a spindle to fit and welded it into the axle tube. I installed the assembly, and the bike sat on its own. side hackres
     I then fashioned two 3/16 steel plates that were sandwiched between the front pedal mount bosses and the pedal mounting brackets, including a 1 inch hole in each. A one inch tube went  through those two holes and attached to another tube that came from a stock Harley side car clamp down on a angle, then back to the rear axle.  Now all I needed was a seat.
     I bent 1 inch tubing to fashion a lounge style seat and mounted that. Then built seat arms to keep the passenger off the rear wheels and exhaust pipes. Foot rests were added  for comfort and the side hack ended up being very light and seemed to fit the chopper image. Whitey Morgan built a seat to match the seat frame and that was attached.
     The side hack was painted and mounted on Rose's bike "Women's Pride".  It was driven for a week or so and all was well, so I built a fixture to manufacture them. They were made to fit any Harley with an original rigid frame. We called them the "Frisco Side Hack" and they sold for about $250.00 including seat. Customer supplied the rear wheel and stock Harley upper front mount.
     Hopefully, many enjoyed cruising their chopper with the lightweight custom side hack, or hopefully some decided to build there own custom side hack. In either case, it was a new twist for the chopper look.

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