Honda 7501resAEE Choppers "750 Honda"

By Dave Brackett with Dean Rediger

     In late 1972, AEE was again doing a magazine on "How to Build the Chopper", this time utilizing a 750 Honda. Dean Rediger built this bike with the help of John Carroll. Dean got a Brackett Chassis Company 750 Honda rigid frame from stock, with a custom rear fender and AEE winged style gas tank. He then took a  750 Honda, removed the motor, electronics, rear wheel assembly, pedals, etc., and placed them in the new frame.
     This bike was late in production and there was no time to get professional paint. Tom McMullen painted the bike with spray cans in reds. Dean continued assembly with an AEE Square Glide front end with AEE custom brake laced to a narrow front wheel and tire. A Moon round aluminum oil tank was added and the gas tank mounted to the upper frame rail.
     The wide rear fender was installed with an AEE short up and over style sissy bar, including solo seat and pad by Whitey Morgan. Trimming out the front end were lean back handle bars, a spinner mirror and an Aris flat rectangular headlight. A custom battery box was made with an area for switches, and installed. Wiring, hoses and cables were added.
     The rear was completed with a 5.00 x 16 chrome rear wheel and tire and AEE short upsweep exhaust pipes. Again AEE had shown what could be done by building a complete custom chopper utilizing all aftermarket parts. Hopefully people around the country realized how easy they could build their own chopper and did just that.

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