time machinerescropAEE Choppers "Time Machine"

By Dave Brackett with Dean Rediger

     In the spring of 1973, AEE needed a new custom bike to show off new products. A 500 cc Triumph was chosen for this project.  Dean Rediger wanted to show a new style he had envisioned, so he decided to try with this bike. Dean wanted a lower profile than the typical high necked, long front end chopper. He wanted the neck lower, with a shorter front end.
     After dismantling a stock Triumph to get motor, electronics, rear wheel, etc., Dean started with an AEE rigid Triumph frame.  He cut the top rail and the front down tubes, bent the top rail more toward the horizontal, then re-welded the frame. The bike now had a lower appearance.  A 5.00 x 16 rear rim was laced to the stock rear hub and installed with new tire and tube.  A shortened version of an AEE girder front end was added with narrow  front wheel and spool hub.  After an AEE custom kickstand appeared, the bike was back on it's wheels.
     The fuel tank was custom made along with the oil tank.  Pullback style handlebars were lengthened to fit the longer low profile.  Dual flat Ciebie headlights finished the front and Triumph exhaust was modified to fit the new frame.
     One of the unique features of this bike was the partial body.  The rear of the seat bent upward and the custom rear fender was fashioned behind that.  There was no typical sissy bar.  Chrome chain and AEE chain guard finished the rear.  Body panels were added below the gas tank and covered  the components behind the motor.
     The bike was sent for paint by Molly, with a silver metalflake base, with candy orange and black accents.  Upon return, Dean and John Carroll reassembled the bike, adding a custom seat by Whitey Morgan.
     The new look was different than the typical chopper, but AEE was trying to show how their products could be used for other applications.  This new style created by Dean Rediger was later called the Northern California look.

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