Restoration of AEE Choppers "Big Twin"


Words: Dave Brackett

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For the past several years, Bones Legacy Choppers of Las Vegas has been working on the restoration of AEE Choppers "Big Twin."

After removing the motors and having them re-chromed and re-assembled, the weird girder front end was also removed and the original AEE rigid girder was reinstalled. Then, Bones Legacy Choppers sent the bike to Dave Brackett to repair the frame that was butchered up to install a blower.  Since Dave was the original designer and builder of "Big Twin” back in 1969-70, this made perfect sense.

Dave started by removing everything and cleaning the entire bike. There had been water inside many places, which left considerable rust. Dave removed the rear end to find the torsion had been changed and did not fit right.  The original torsion arms were gone. Everything else was removed and repaired. The Harley Servicar rear end, highly modified, was torn apart and cleaned, and the brakes redone, lubed and reassembled.

Some areas of the body were rusted through so Dave cut them out to be repaired later. The neck appeared to be in the original position, so the frame work from the main frame to the neck will need to be reconstructed. All accessories were removed and are being rebuilt or replaced as needed. The upholstery will be redone, using a small piece that remains to match the fabric and naugahyde colors and styles.

Wheelie bars need to be built to match the originals, handlebars straightened, brakes properly adjusted, and many items rechromed. The original oil tank is missing, so Dave will build a new one using photos to get as good a match as possible. Shift linkage for the C4 Ford automatic tranny will be reconstructed and all the many chains readjusted. New motor mounts will be built as some of the old ones were removed, and mounts for the main jack shaft for transmitting power, will be recreated.

After all this work, the entire bike needs to have the fabulous "Molly" paint job redone, this will be a difficult feat, but when all is done, Dave Brackett's original creation will again be enjoyed by many.  We can all hardly wait.


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