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Building a Copy of the AEE Choppers
"Sportster Kit Bike"

By Dave Brackett

     In late 1971, when I was working at AEE Choppers, I built a new bike to showcase how you could build a chopper using all AEE parts, we called them "Kit Bikes".  I used a 1969 Sportster bike to start. The story of this build is shown here listed as "Sportster Kit Bike".
     Last summer, Brent Farlie, former AEE Choppers employee and owner of website, contacted me to help with his new project. He had always liked the AEE Choppers Sportster Kit Bike, and was sad when it was sent off to Germany with several other bikes, in some deal Tom had cooked up. Brent wanted to build a duplicate of the bike, and had been collecting parts for some time. He had original AEE seats, sissybar, square glide front end, Ciebie rectangular headlights with bracket, front brake and wheel, handlebar risers, chainguard, gas tank, Weber carb and manifold, pipes, rear fender, rear rim, and a Maltese mirror.

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     He was unable to find a frame, which was made by Brackett Chassis Company for AEE Choppers, which was me. I still had my drawings, so last summer I built him a duplicate Sportster rigid frame. Later, he needed a copy of the oil tank and battery box, so I made them. Brent collected more parts and was ready to finish the bike, but had serious time problems. I offered to help, as I am retired and had time, so he brought all the stuff to me to finish.
     I assembled the bike, mounted accessories, made stops, hooked up brakes and odds and ends. I needed mufflers, Brent found some very close to AEE originals, so I mounted them, mounted footpegs, wired the bike and fired it off. I bent up new handlebars like the originals. We tried the best we could to duplicate the original format of the Sportster Kit Bike, using photos and magnifying glass. I feel we hit it pretty close. Brent has a paint guy to do the molding and paint, and he says he can copy the original paint scheme.
     The photos show the new bike with a stock carb, but the Weber will be on the finished bike. Brent will come by soon and collect everything and take it home for paint and chrome. When finished, it will be a very close replica of the original. What fun to do a remake of a famous AEE Choppers bike!



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