2XTREEM Motorcycle TV Produces
NASA Apollo Tribute ZX14

For their first project of the 2008 season, the 2XTREEM crew creates a custom KAWASAKI ZX14 as a tribute to the SATURN APOLLO missions and the 1969 moon landing. With power like a Saturn V rocket, the new ZX14 is the perfect salute one of the greatest times in America’s history, The Apollo Space Program. The idea came from Joe Capicotti of 2Xtreem Motorcycle TV. He had never forgotten the impression the landing on moon made on him as a child and he wanted to bring that magic back to the American Public. The timing this project coincides with the Orion project for returning to the moon. 2XTREEM hopes the Apollo Bike will also bring NASA to the attention of the younger generations.


This bikes design is based on the massive Saturn V rocket. It will also perform on the edge exactly as the Saturn V did. Horsepower estimates are up to 350hp and a top speed of over 220mph! The bike was shown to NASA at the Kennedy Space center on Dec 11th to the enthuastic response of the NASA staff. The NASA Apollo Tribute ZX14 will be on display at the Kennedy Space Center after a national tour this summer, The bike will be on display at several major motorcycle events this year, including Daytona, Laguna GP, Indy GP and others. A tenative display at the Houston Space Center is also planned. Apollo Tribute Bike to be donated to Kennedy Space Center at no cost to NASA.

The first of five episodes of 2XTREEM Motorcycle TV about the project build and testing begins airing this week in most markets; check 2XTREEM.COM or your local listings for details.

About 2XTREEM Motorcycle TV:

2Xtreem, a television show dedicated to motorcycle riders, racers and performance enthusiasts, breaks the mold on motorcycle programming by filling a serious void in the niche and doing it with style. Covering off-road, SuperMotard and road racing along with features about performance and style modifications, 2XTREEM’s style is like no other motorcycle show. 2Xtreem episodes include powersports news, product testing, and motorcycle lifestyle and event coverage. 2xtreem is available in over 80 million homes and currently airs on ten different networks including America One and SunSports. The high voltage program produced by DragonLake Productions and hosted by Joe Capicotti with his son Chase and April Hodges.

Bike Build Specs:

2007 Kawasaki ZX-14 provided by KAWASAKI
2 mil over bore high compression pistons [MUZZY]
High perf Valve Springs {MUZZY]
High perf cams [MUZZY]
Ported Head  "2xtreem"
Dry Nitrous System [MUZZY]
Racing Rear sets "Vortex Racing"
Dual Compound Race Tires
Ceramic Brakes and Custom Brake Pads Provided by Ferrodo Braking
Powder Coated Wheels
Led Light System
Sound System powered by Ipod
Red Anodized custom 150 watt amp.
Race Exhaust Muzzy
Custom Fabricated Command Module Canister
Custom Fabricated Launch Escape System 2Xtreem
Custom Red Anodized Gas Cap, Oil Cap, Rear Sprocket Vortex
Gold Race Chain
Red Brake Lines
Custom Paint to match Saturn V Rocket
Custom Red Instrument Cluster
Custom Gold Wind screen
All in one Tail light
Steering Damper
Custom One off Seat covering
Turn Signal Eliminator Plates
Custom Brake and Clutch Levers
Swing arm spools
Custom Bar Ends
Custom High Performance Fuel Delivery Computer
Custom one off Space Suit Designed Racing Leathers Manufactured by Syed Leathers
Custom painted Shoei Helmet With Gold Visor

All design, build and assembly work done by the crew of 2XTREEM Motorcycle TV
Design and Concept- Joe Capicotti  "2Xtreem"
Engine Builder- David Buchman "2Xtreem"
Mechanics- Chase Capicotti/Kurt Reickel  "2Xtreem"
Bike Assembly April Hodges/Joe Capicotti "2Xtreem"
Exhaust Machining – Rob Muzzy

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