Apollo Tribute Bike roars through KSC

By Linda Herridge
Staff Writer for Spaceport News

The echo of launches long past reverberated at Kennedy Space Center when the crew of 2xtreem Motorcycle TV showcased its specially decked-out Apollo Tribute Bike on Dec. 11.

Joe Capicotti revved the engine of the modified Kawasaki ZX-14 as he roared out of the 2xtreem trailer. Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” played over a custom component I-Pod stereo system as Capicotti circled the press site’s lower parking lot before departing for the Shuttle Landing Facility.

Capicotti is the owner of Dragonlake Productions, which produces the popular 2xtreem motorcycle program that airs on Sunsports, the Fox Sports Network and several other local affiliates, as well as DirecTV and Dish networks.


Dressed in a racing suit reminiscent of Apollo flight suits and complete with a custom painted helmet and gold shield, Capicotti and the 2xtreem team officially presented the bike to the center. Capicotti described some of the modifications to Joe Dowdy, special operations manager, and John J. “Tip” Talone, associate program manager for the Constellation Program at Kennedy.

“We built this Apollo Tribute Bike to show the level of respect, admiration and support the 2xtreem crew has for NASA, the Apollo program and all the people involved in the current space program,” Capicotti said. “We hope to assist in bringing back the magic of Apollo just in time for Orion.”

Talone said the bike is a wonderful tribute to the legends that made Apollo possible.

“What a very unique and effective design that captures many of the significant highlights of the vehicle,” Talone said. “It makes me proud to know that people have not forgotten what got us to where we are.”

Capicotti researched the Internet, his old space books and NASA materials to get all of the Apollo spacecraft facts correct. He and his team also visited Kennedy on a fact-finding mission.

“Many people do current-event projects, but how can you forget Apollo,” Capicotti said. “I felt the time was right to do this tribute bike.”

Modifications began in July. The tribute bike has Saturn V-inspired paint and powder-coated wheels, LED lights, custom red instrument faces, a hand-fabricated escape tower, a custom seat with NASA and Apollo patches, airbrushed NASA and Apollo emblems, ceramic high-performance brakes and custom exhaust mufflers in the shape of Apollo command modules.

Large white spaces around the tank and seat are reserved for the signatures of Apollo astronauts.The 2xtreem crew will take the bike on tour to major racing events through August.

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