Innovative Hubless Motorcycle Design Unveiled


Howard's Killer Customs, an East Coast motorcycle builder, reveals their design and engineering take on the hubless rear wheeled motorcycle in their latest creation.

New Jersey January 15, 2008 -- Howard's Killer Customs ( unveiled their version of the rear wheeled hubless motorcycle and many other unique engineering features in their latest motorcycle build. Competing with other builders like Orange County Choppers, West Coast Choppers, and Choppers Inc, HKC has refined the functionality and implementation of the hubless illusion on their chopper which began life as a classic 1969 FL Harley Davidson.

"Using my experience in drafting and automotive industries I was able to conceptualize a different way to make the hubless wheel function in a more practical way. Combining that with my Father's extensive machining and fabrication skills, we are able to create our bike entirely in-house and do things that most every other builder would have to outsource," Howard Sofield, the owner and designer at Howard's Killer Customs, explained. "Over 4,000 hours of design and build time went into this project and we could not be happier with how it turned out. It looks and functions perfectly."

The new hubless motorcycle is estimated to be worth over $150,000 which is nothing out of the ordinary for a booming custom motorcycle industry. Differentiating yourself from other designers continues to be the key to success in this industry. This new motorcycle, with its wild green and orange paint, certainly achieves individuality. Pictures and a full write-up of the bike can be seen at the dedicated website

pic-main-1 pic-main-2 pic-main-3 pic-main-4 pic-main-5
pic-main-6 pic-main-7 pic-main-8

Facts & Figures

  • Total build time: 4000 hrs
    Rear rim 18" dia. x 13.5" wide
    Bolts to assemble rim assembly: 284
    Hole sizes machined during build: .025" up to 19" I.D.
    Time to change tire: 4 hrs
    Bike weight: 700lbs approx.
    Top speed: 100mph
    Engine 1969 Harley Davidson - Pan Shovel 80ci
    Engine Cases 1969 & 1974 Harley Davidson
    Cylinders 1982 Harley Davidson
    Weisco Pistons
    Kibble-White Valves
    Pushrods, rockers: S&S
    Mallory Uni-lite Ignition
    Carburetor S&S "E" and HKC
    1974 HD gas tank
    Headlight donated from Chicago Cop car spotlight
    Rear tire Avon 300x18
    Paint and Body: George Miller (Jim's Lettering)
    Paint Concept: Jim McShea (Jim's Lettering)

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