Art In Motion, LLC to run Custom Trike in The 2008 Fireball Run - “The Race to Recover America’s Missing”

The 2008 Fireball Run, an automobile rally with a purpose, will include a non-automotive vehicle in its event for the first time. Art In Motion, LLC, will be driving the first-ever V-twin powered Tuk Tuk Trike in the charity event - a transcontinental adventure to recover America’s missing children. One hundred teams comprised of some of the most successful people on the planet will embark on a 3500 mile, nine-day transcontinental adventure of a lifetime. The 2008 event will start in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and will zigzag through the coolest parts of America to finish in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Each team makes the journey with an assigned missing child whose image & stats are affixed to the vehicle, creating a “rolling milk carton.” The mission: place as many “recovery” posters as possible along the 3500 mile journey.  The 2007 Fireball Run, in cooperation with the Child Recovery Network, helped to recover twelve missing children. For more information on the Fireball Run please visit

Art in Motion’s Tuk Tuk Trike was designed specifically for the Fireball Run this September. The founders of the company, Tom and Christy Kapp, had good reason to participate in the event. Tom has always had a soft spot in his heart for lost children and their parents. He was lucky that his children, who are now beginning their adult lives, never had anything drastic happen to them. But as a parent, he was always aware of the dangers facing them as they grew up. Christy knows firsthand what the loss of a child can do to a family, since a close friend was killed in an automobile accident when he was only nineteen.  She now volunteers in the Orlando community through the Junior League of Greater Orlando, and is eager to help find a missing child through this event. “If Art in Motion can recover a child,” she says, “it may encourage all the motorcycle enthusiasts out there to get involved also.”

Art in Motion is new to the motorcycle scene, but it has already made an impression. The first Bagger built by the Kapp’s was completed in August of 2007. It was invited to the Florida Bike Builder Invitational and subsequently was featured in American Bagger Magazine in June 2008. The first Trike built, named “Flyin’ Trike” is HOT; it has won first place at many shows in its category and a Best of Show in Plant City, FL against over a hundred motorcycles of all styles.

The Tuk Tuk Trike was inspired by the design of the traditional Tuk Tuk of Southeast Asia, a kind of motorized rickshaw (see, for example, the Tuk Tuk North America Company web site: The name derived the typical sound made by its simple two-cycle motor. Art in Motion’s design will have unique features. Tom describes it this way: “What we will be building will be similar, but with the following changes: It will be raked out front end and wide tires on the rear. It will be configured for one driver’s seat in the front and a 2-passenger seat in the rear. And, of course, the engine will be a V-Twin. It will not go ‘Tuk Tuk’.” The frame, designed by Tom and built by Rolling Thunder Manufacturing ( ), has already been delivered, and construction is in progress.

In addition to motorcycles, Art In Motion also manufactures products to adapt a softail transmission to a rubber mounted frame and installation kits for installing 360 Brakes in most motorcycles. Art In Motion, LLC is a Federal and State of Florida licensed motorcycle manufacturer. The factory is in a 1750 SF warehouse in Kissimmee, FL. 

When Tom and Christy Kapp, founders of Art In Motion, LLC, met in early 2005, it was clear that the electricity between them would yield something magical, but who knew what? They just knew that both of them had a knack for conceptualizing something, and then making it happen. Christy designs AlphaBoyz© and AlphaChix© brand clothing. She was on two amphibious car design teams in college, and spent over 20 years as an entrepreneur and Information Technology Project Manager. Tom grew up next to a junkyard, where he became fascinated with the world of mechanical creations. He acquired formal engineering and drafting skills at trade school in Scituate, MA, and became a master at taking a pile of vehicle parts and producing something functional and beautiful out of them. He also loves motorcycles. The first joint project the Kapp’s undertook was to hand-build a monster garage-workshop in their back yard to work on bikes. A short time later, in January 2007, they founded Art In Motion LLC to build custom bikes that could be ridden long distance.

Tuk Tuk Build Pictures

P1010003 Picture_236
IMG00433 Picture_006
Picture_023 Picture_237

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