Brass Balls Bobbers Provides Up To $1,000 In Bailout Assistance For American Bobber Consumer

Hard-pressed Motorcycle Consumers Find Relief with a 40+ mpg Custom Bobber

BBB-Bailout-2October 8, 2008 - Oklahoma City - Darwin Motorcycles, manufacturer of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers is sticking it to the man by providing a relief package for Bobber & Chopper enthusiasts that includes a $500 off on 5 speed and $1,000 off on 6 speed motorbikes, which runs through December 31, 2008.

“Our financial crisis and energy crisis have created the perfect storm of uncertainty for the enthusiast," said Dar Holdsworth, Brass Balls Bobbers Boss-Man.  “With our 40+ mpg motorbikes and our financial bailout program we are doing our part to keep the wheels of America rolling.”

The firm’s bailout package delivers the Bobber and Chopper lifestyle at less than the introductory price of just $17,995. The reason why Darwin Motorcycles can deliver a sharp and creative motorcycle at such a competitive price is because of the economies of scale that are built into the manufacturing process.

BBB-Bailout1The custom-production bobbers and choppers utilize fuel efficient engines. At the heart of each build is one of three models using Harley-Davidson® EVO, S&S® Shovelhead motors, as well as a unique re-engineered Indian® V-Plus engine. The cost savings in fuel by commuting on a
 Brass Balls Bobbers™ motorbike versus a SUV is over $3,666 a year.* that doesn’t include reduced operating expense and commuting time.

Heading up manufacturing is master builder Sam Wills. Wills is a chassis builder extraordinaire and distinguished Top Fuel Bike builder, tuner and racer. He distills all his racing and manufacturing acumen into each Brass Ball Bobbers build. That’s why individuals in-the-know see the frames and consider the design and the welds to be as much art as functional components.

About Darwin Motorcycles
Darwin Motorcycles was created in June 2006 by motorcycle designer Dar Holdsworth and master builder Sam Wills. The firm has mastered the ability to fuse timeless old-skool bike styles with key racing designs. The company manufactures a range of custom bikes, including special one-off builds, choppers, and its Brass Balls Bobbers line. The Oklahoma-based custom bike manufacturer specializes in building a line of track-inspired quality bikes for the "average Joe." The factory is located at 13613 Eskridge Drive in Oklahoma City. Visit the company online at

With a strong team at the helm and a slate of innovative, high-performance designs that blend vintage with contemporary, Darwin Motorcycles is primed and quickly becoming one of the leading motorcycle shops in the country attracting new riders and setting trends through their Above Average Bobber program.

* Savings is based on 30,000 annual miles, $4 gas, 18 mpg average for  SUVs and 40 mpg average for Darwin Motorcycle’s motorbikes.

For custom bike and dealer information please contact:
Dar Holdsworth, 405.285.0808, EVOLVE@DARWINMOTORCYCLES.COM.

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