Bike Dreams TV Announces New V-Twin Motorcycle Series for Television

New TV Series Aims at the Do-It-Yourself Motorcycle Builder

Ocean City, MD April 15, 2008

Pinky Toe Productions, a full service production studio focusing on television, cable and internet entertainment, today announced the completion of its newest pilot show, Bike Dreams. Bike Dreams is a new show focusing on customizing V-Twin motorcycles. The show will take an average V-Twin rider and show them how to build a custom motorcycle from start to finish without the drama of other shows and without having to have a mechanics’ background. 

Motorcycles are everywhere nowadays and customizing them has entered into mainstream American homes, said Joe Pishtey, co-executive director of Bike Dreams. There have been many shows on TV with a similar focus but they are more drama entertainment. Bike Dreams will have an educational focus with a lot of fun. 

Bike Dreams latest pilot is a new show for the regular person with a stock motorcycle and a dream to have a custom bike but doesn’t know where to begin or who doesn’t have the budget to have a professional build them a motorcycle. The hosts of the show, Joe and Bob, are regular guys with very little mechanical experience. All they have are some tools and a desire to turn a stock bike into a custom riding machine. The show will show the start and the finish and will show any errors or issues that the hosts encounter just like reality TV but without the drama.

"Bike Dreams will not only show the how-to’s but will also introduce new innovative products, services and builders to the public. These products will not be the everyday catalog products and will not only increase the awareness of these manufactures but will also help to make the finished bike a near-one-off custom.

Currently, Pinky Toe Productions is in negotiation with several big named television channels and encourages all interested parties to go to the Bike Dreams website and let their opinions be heard. The feedback on the pilot show has been so overwhelming that a web forum and photo galleries have been created to support and further educate the V-Twin audience. For more information or to get involved in future projects, contact Bike Dreams at www.bikedreamstv.com.





About Pinky Toe Productions
Pinky Toe Productions is a television production company that creates creative leaning based television shows to be aired on television, cable or through streamed media online. Pinky Toe Productions newest venture, Bike Dreams TV will focus on customizing V-Twin motorcycles with products and in ways that the average rider could do at their homes with little or no previous mechanical experience. Customizing V-Twin motorcycles is a multi million dollar industry and is a huge topic of interest. Pinky Toe Productions will focus on topics and projects that can be enjoyed by all riders. For more information or to watch the trailer for the pilot episode, check it out online at www.bikedreamstv.com or call the producers at 410-251-1190.

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