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Bonneville Salt Racing Sponsorship Program


Bozzie Custom Performance and Big Inch Racing are going to Bonneville again with the desire and intention of a Land Speed Record to be set by Dave Bozzie and his team.  Together, the team, better known for last year’s “Green Bagger”, will build and ride several motorcycles down the historic salt track.

Bozzie Custom Performance and Big Inch Racing are searching for companies and individuals that would like to help out a lifelong dream while promoting themselves and their businesses.  If there are any additional sponsorship offers, such as products, B.I.R. (Big Inch Racing) and B.C.P. (Bozzie Custom Performance) will consider every offer and implement what works best for the team and its bikes.
We need your help to get us to Bonneville in 2008.  By joining the team you will become part of an elite group that impressed the media, onlookers and our fellow racing peers.  Our goal is not only to set records but to SMASH THEM!

Your money and product support will go directly to the build and to help with the costs accrued getting the team to the salts and back.  Please select one of the following sponsor levels to support the 2008 Bozzie Custom Performance and Big Inch Racing Bonneville Racing Project.

Rider Level - $50
·Autographed photo of Big Inch Bagger
·Name posted on Banner at Bonneville

Bronze Level - $100
·Autographed photo of Big Inch Bagger
·Name posted on Banner in Bonneville
·Team Patch

Silver Level - $500
·Autographed photo of Big Inch Bagger
·Name posted on Banner in Bonneville
·Team Patch
·T-shirt (2)
·Name included in press release and news stories

Gold Level - $1000

·Autographed photo of Big Inch Bagger
·Team Patch
·T-shirt (2)
·Name included in press release and news stories
·Logo (graphics to be provided by sponsor) posted on banner at Bonneville
·Name included in press release and news stories
·Logo on Big Inch Bagger race bike

About the Bikes
Bozzie Custom Performance and Big Inch Racing will be bringing two motorcycles (minimally).  Each bike will race in a different class.

The Green Bagger


Displacement 116ci     Horsepower-approximately 128     Torque-approximately 130

Green Bagger Specs:
·Paugho Frame
·Alloy Art frame stabilizer
·Progressive suspension
·Arlen Ness Big Sucker Air Cleaner
·D&D Boarzilla exhaust
·S&S Cases, Cylinders and pistons
·Jims Flywheels
·Woods cams
·Avon Z rated tires
·Bozzie Custom Performance heads

Last year the Green Bagger came to Bonneville and made quite an impression.  Though the salt was at a near historically poor conditions and despite the motorcycle having stability issues, The Big Inch Racing team achieved 148 MPH between the 2 and 3 mile marker.  The official speed through the course was 103 MPH and still was a record but the team opted not to take it feeling that 103 MPH was not fast enough.  With no “accepted” record but with a tremendous amount of horsepower, the Green Bagger wowed the onlookers and the press securing several worldwide mentions in racing and motorcycle magazines including several mentions in Primedia’s Hot Bike Baggers.

Since the last visit to the salt, the Green Bagger has undergone additional motor massaging even though horsepower was never an issue and the stabilization issue has been corrected.  The racing team this year now plans on setting a record in its class, hopefully at speeds close to the current 3000cc class—one class above the class it is competing in.  If and when the team pulls this off, there is going to be some cheers emerging from the pits.

Wild Thing
Displacement 160ci     Horsepower-approximately 200     Torque-approximately 200

Wild Thing Specs:
·Custom Frame-built by Bozzie Custom Performance
·Evo motors (2 inline)
·Balanced Evo Flywheels (Balanced By B.C.P)
·S&S carbs and manifolds
·Custom stepped exhaust (B.C.P.)
·Crane HI 4 ignition modules
·Crane cams
·Mid West Ultima rods

Wild Thing, named by Deb Bozzie, was built after the complete restoration of “The Thing”, the historic 1947 dual knuckle head race bike built by his father, John Bozzie.  Wanting something a little more modern and something that was not museum bound, Dave Bozzie built Wild Thing, a dual Evo powered drag bike.  With two 80 cubic inch motors inline, the bike produces over 200 horses.  Most everything on the bike is hand made and shows the abilities of Dave Bozzie and his team of brothers.  This is going to be the first time Wild Thing will be at the salts and it should be AWESOME.  Dave has cut off the back of the bike that housed the slick drag race tire and has narrowed the frame so it holds tread more suitable for the salt.  The current record in the class Wild Thing will run in is 150 miles per hour.  The bike has plenty of power and proper gearing so if the conditions are good, Big Inch Racing is expecting a record to be set.

About Bozzie Custom Performance and Big Inch Racing
Bozzie Custom Performance is a full service motorcycle shop focusing on American V-Twin motors.  The shop offers ALL services including motorcycle maintenance and tune-ups all the way to complete motor rebuilding and hand built custom frames and paint.  Bozzie Custom Performance specializes in racing motors that are street-reliable and offers products branded with the “Bozzie” name including cylinders and heads in 95, 113, 116 and 124 displacements.  Bozzie Custom Performance has a complete machine shop with mills for boring and truing cylinders and shaving heads to achieve specific compression ratios.  The shop also boasts a state-of-the-art flow bench for optimum porting and polishing heads for unbeatable performance packages.  The shop also has several work stations and dyno machines ensuring a quick turnaround for its customers.  For info, contact Bozzie Custom Performance online at www.bozziecustoms.com.

Dave Bozzie, Owner/Builder/Racer

Dave Bozzie has over 30 years experience with high performance engines.  He is a master mechanic, engineer, welder, and machinist.  Following in his father’s footsteps, Dave Bozzie is one of the few truly “Old School” mechanics around and has learned the art of hand building parts, equipment and tooling.  After leaving his full time job in 2005, Dave Bozzie decided to bring back to life his father’s award winning 1947 dual Knuckle Head engine Harley Davidson.  The museum bound bike sat in pieces in his father’s garage for over 40 years.  Starting with the original frame and three heads, Dave’s adventure began.  After countless long days and endless nights of machining parts, Dave restored “The Thing” exactly as it was in its prime.  Since then, The Thing has been entered in several shows the past few years and has taken 1st place or Best in Class at each one due to its rarity.

With the completion of The Thing and after many requests from peers and riders, Dave decided to open his own shop and complete his dreams.  Dave Bozzie is now the owner and operator of Bozzie Custom Performance and Big Inch Racing.  Dave works on the motors himself and oversees all other duties.  When it comes to the build, Dave is always hands on and when it comes to the race, Dave is the rider. 

Sending Payment for Sponsorship
For anyone interested in supporting and sponsoring the Big Inch Racing Team and Bozzie Custom Performance, please send a check to the below address with attention to Deb Bozzie.  Once the team receives a check, they will contact the sender to confirm receipt.  If there is any questions, please contact the shop direct at the below number.

Make checks payable to Bozzie Custom Performance and send to:
Bozzie Custom Performance
Attn: Deb Bozzie/Sponsorship program
4647 E. Freemont Street
Stockton   CA  95215
1 (888) 5-BOZZIE

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