Bozzie Customs Announces Line of Performance Motors for Harley-Davidsons

bozzie2Stockton, Calif. April 21, 2007 – Bozzie Customs, second generation motor builder and Bonneville Salt Flat racer, today announced the availability of its new performance V-Twin motors for Harley-Davidsons. The motors combine the best in street racing motors and are available in numerous displacements.
Bozzie Customs' motors are available in 95, 113, 116 and 124 displacements. Each motor features Bozzie Customs heads and cylinders which feature extra thick cooling fins which help to dissipate heat from the motor while increasing the overall strength of the cylinders. Bozzie Customs’ heads feature valve sizes from 1.90, 2 inch to a huge 2.06 ensuring that there is a motor combination for anyone from a street rider to someone to a competitive racer.
“After building thousands of motors out of the best components on the market, I found that there was still room for improvement,” said Dave Bozzie, owner of Bozzie Customs. “The changes that I made for my own motor line has proven to produce the best performance while still maintaining reliability.” 
In addition to the complete motors, Bozzie Customs can also supply cost effective cylinder and head packages for the consumer that does not want to change their entire motor. Bozzie Customs can work with rider's service shops to determine what motor or package will be the best fit for the customer and Bozzie Customs does offer dealer pricing. 
Hand porting and polishing services are also available at an additional cost to help get additional air flow from the heads if needed for optimum motor performance.
About Bozzie Customs
Dave Bozzie, second generation motor builder and owner of Big Inch Racing, offers complete performance motors in 95”, 113”, 116” and 124” displacement. The motors are hand-machined and balanced for reliability and optimum horsepower. All of Bozzie’s motors feature high-flow heads with multiple valve configurations and cylinders with heavy duty cooling fins for reduced heat and added stability. Bozzie Customs is a complete, full service machine shop and provides services such as: case and cylinder boring, head porting, flow work, valve jobs, flywheel balancing (Evo and Twin Cam), welding and fabricating. Dealers are welcome! For more info contact: www.bozziecustoms.com or 1-888-5BOZZIE

Bozzie Motor for press Bozzie Motor for press Bozzie Motor for press

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