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100% Motorcycle Engine Class
Chopper College is now offering a 3-day Engine Class, which covers the theory, design, and function of motorcycle engines. As a participant you will be provided a comprehensive understanding of engines beginning with the basics of converting fuel to motion, and including the hands-on experience of checking round in cylinders, lapping valves, reaming bushings, boring cylinders, and much more. Includes an overview of the 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines and understanding the pros and cons of various engine designs are also provided.


About Chopper College: 
Chopper College is a training school that combines a 300 page course book with the hands-on application of 'real' techniques. This 3 day course will definitely improve your skill set and provide you with facts, tips, and creative ideas enabling you to build your own chopper.

At Chopper College we call it a ‘boot camp’ to emphasize the intensity of the 3-day experience. The boot camp is the only custom chopper building boot camp that will teach you the skills to become a successful chopper builder independent of your current skill level. We also help you develop chopper building strategies to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary risks.

When you attend the Chopper College Basic Boot Camp Class, master chopper builders teach you chopper building fundamentals in a step by step, face to face,  hands-on environment. At Chopper College we teach you how to build a chopper from the ground up. Instructors demonstrate each step of the build, tear it down and the students then rebuild and explain the process back to the instructors. You can't get a closer, more thorough understanding of the basic fundamentals of chopper building than that. At Chopper College you build choppers under the direct supervision and instruction of some of the finest master chopper builders around.

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