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October 3rd-5th Chicago Campus

This course is one of the favorites by all students. You get one of the best metal fabricators in the industry. With 17 years experience in the fabrication industry and 13 years in the racing industry our instructors are some of the best. This class teaches you the fundamental about MIG, and TIG welding. Students are taught how to weld both ways then proceed to demonstrate on their own. Also, all metal shaping tools are shown and explained that are used in metal forming. Then all tools are put to the test by the students. Each technique that is used by fabricators will be explained to students then gone over in depth. Each student will then go about making there own exhaust pipes for them to take home. The basics of how to construct and design pipes will be over viewed, and also mock up with the pipes. All students will participate in all activities and have a chance to work with all machines and also welding techniques.


The staff at Chopper College is a young group of lifetime builders with a great passion for bikes, creative building and radical ideas. They have the formal trade school training for motorcycles, and have made this full time job. They have built bikes for bands, tattoo businesses, and top politicians. Each time, the bike is an exceptional work of art - and is an experience to ride.

Already our students have built 90+ custom choppers. A couple guys have even been featured in major bike rag articles and photo-spreads, and a few have begun the process of opening their own shops. Chopper College graduates have a complete arsenal of skills to complete custom bikes.

Chopper College offers chopper building courses in association with many major motorcycle events and rallies across the country which are always booking to capacity. So, we encourage you to act fast, as only a limited number of slots are available for any given event. Just call 708-339-8560 to schedule your next class!





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