N E W S April 15, 2008

Cliff Shold is searching for this bike.

This was the last bike I built before transferring overseas for a three year tour. This was the only shot I could find, but I'm looking for the rest of them.
It started life as a 1959 XLCH. I blew that engine into so many pieces on the way to races at York and Redding that Harley in D.C. suggested getting a crate motor. I did that, built the bike around that engine two or three times, then finalized it with the shot you see. It had a pretty radical rake, extended forks, 19 inch front tire, fiberglass front fender, dual (upper and lower) headlights, tach, western pull back handle bars, king and queen seat, sissy bar, side mounted maltese taillight and license plate, shortened rear fender, and a 16 inch Goodyear rear tire. Sporty  tank  feeding


the engine through an SU sidedraft from an Austin Healey 3000.

As the poster says, we last heard the bike was still located and registered in Maryland. We do not know the name of current owner.  (A friend was in the town some time ago talking to some locals, mentioned the bike, and told me they got real quiet, real fast.)
I know the VIN, but didn't think it wise to publish it. If someone thinks they have the bike, I can give out the number to them.

If anyone has any information regarding this bike,
please contact: Cliff Shold cshold@hotmail.com

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