Dapper's Real Biker’s Etiquette

the ultimate how- to bikers manual


“Dapper Dan” Norby

"Consider this as a necessary guide for beginning motorcycle enthusiasts, fun for even some veteran bikers as well."

"Dapper Dan" Norby, a friend of "real" bikers across the USA, offers insightful cutting-edge tips and how-to tips in "Dapper's Real Biker's Etiquette."

Tons of Dapper's real-life biker tales drive the point home on everything from basic battle tactics to standard bike maintenance, women, sex and love.

Think of this as essential reading for anyone who wants to become a "real" biker.


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Excerpt from Chapter One

Cruisin' Into the Respectful World of Biker EtiquetteDAPPERchap1

When I'm dead thirty or forty years from now, I envision a perfect inscription for my tombstone: “Dapper, The Nicest Asshole You Ever Met.

I treat just about everyone pretty good. Forget the fact I whipped the shit out of more than 200 bikers and various other disrespectful characters during a 30-year span. I'm not bragging but it's true. I won every brawl I entered as an adult. I've witnessed and participated in more fights than I can remember. Some people claim I've broken enough noses, and given enough black eyes to support an army of high-paid physicians.

Without exception, almost every brawl erupted because some asshole tried to bully me or picked on another guy I chose to defend. I beat only bullies who deserve good, sound ass whippings. Otherwise I behave as nice as Jolly Saint Nick. In fact, I've even played Santa a couple times in charity events. I show people nothing but respect as long as they treat me the same way. Nevertheless, I'm sure that when I die, hopefully at a ripe-old age, no one will step forward and try to proclaim me a saint...

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