Guidepoint Systems Launches Redesigned Stolen Vehicle Tracking System for Motorcycles

PONTIAC, Michigan - August 13, 2008 - Guidepoint Systems today announced the launch of a newly designed unit for its stolen vehicle tracking system for motorcycles. The self-contained unit comes standard with Guidepoint's signature security features while utilizing an internal antenna and advanced GPS chipset for optimal performance.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), motorcycle thefts increased 135% from 2001 to 2005. A motorcycle is stolen every 7.5 minutes, and as soaring gas prices force more people to explore two-wheeled modes of transportation, a motorcycle antitheft device is becoming increasingly important. Guidepoint's innovative and feature-packed stolen vehicle recovery and tracking unit combines GPS technology, advanced wireless, the Web and a 24/7/365 Response Center to provide motorcyclists an affordable, effective way to protect their bikes.

Each unit is assigned a unique electronic serial number, similar to a cell phone number, which allows information to be transmitted between the motorcycle and the Guidepoint Response Center. In the event of a motorcycle theft, Guidepoint customers can call its Response Center where an operator will activate the unit's receiver and can track the bike anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico using AT&T's nationwide wireless network. Once the bike is located, the operator works directly with local law enforcement to provide real-time information, including the vehicle's location, speed and direction.

"As soon as I upgraded my bike, I put a Guidepoint system on it," said John Thoms, a Guidepoint customer. "I knew that if something were to happen, my insurance would only pay for the depreciated value and all the money and time I put into the bike would be lost. With Guidepoint, I can ride with confidence knowing that my bike is under constant surveillance."

Unlike other antitheft devices, Guidepoint's system also provides assistance in the event of a roadside emergency. Guidepoint's Response Center can dispatch tow trucks or other emergency services and keeps the rider's emergency contact, drug allergy and other pertinent information on file to relay to emergency personnel if necessary. The system's other unique features include an optional early theft protection package, which establishes a security fence around the bike every time the ignition is turned off. If the security fence is breached, an automatic alert is sent to the Response Center and the owner is contacted immediately.

"We've worked hard to make Guidepoint for motorcycles different from anything on the market," said Rand Mueller, chief executive officer of Guidepoint. "Other companies that sell GPS tracking systems deliver their service through the Web, but Guidepoint customers receive help from the Guidepoint owned and operated Response Center whose employees are specifically trained to handle theft and roadside emergencies. The system's features are unmatched, it's easy to install, and we have an impressive recovery rate, so it provides peace of mind for riders whose love of the open road may take them a little off the map."

The NICB indicates about 25 percent to 30 percent of stolen motorcycles are recovered, while the recovery rate for cars and trucks is 65 percent to 70 percent. However, Guidepoint's vehicle recovery rate is over 99 percent, with most vehicles recovered within two hours. Guidepoint also offers a theft protection guaranty. If a stolen motorcycle is not located within 24 hours, the company will reimburse the customer for the purchase price of his or her system, up to $1,000. The Guidepoint system is transferable and unlike other services, the system and most features are available for a set price.

Guidepoint for motorcycles is distributed by Guidepoint Powersports, LLC and is available at over 100 powersports dealerships nationwide.  For information and dealer inquiries, contact Guidepoint Powersports at (916) 458-5433 or visit


About Guidepoint Systems
Guidepoint Systems (GPS) is a leader in the market for stolen vehicle recovery and other telematics services.  Owned and operated by Pontiac, Mich.-based GPSi, LLC, Guidepoint draws on more than three decades of experience supplying mobile electronics, as well as 15 years experience in vehicle tracking.  For more information on the company, visit or call (916) 458-5433.

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