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Indian Motorcycle releases pictures and specifications for the 2009 Indian Chief

indian_full_2Kings Mountain, NC—The long-anticipated introduction of the all-new 2009 Indian Chief motorcycle is approaching. As the launch date draws near (although it is yet to be announced), more details about the renaissance of this iconic American motorcycle brand are being revealed. This much is clear: the new Indian Motorcycle Company is taking a wholly different and measured approach to engineering, development and marketing of the new Indian Chief.

Founded in 1901, the legendary Indian brand remains America’s first motorcycle and is highly revered. Chairman Stephen Julius and President Steve Heese have orchestrated the re-launch of Indian. Under General Manager Chris Bernauer, an eleven-year veteran of Harley-Davidson, the Indian Motorcycle team has maintained a sharp focus on product development, design and engineering excellence.

“We’re very excited about the new Indian Chief which are, in every way, both true to the legacy of the Indian brand and representative of the highest level of engineering expertise” according to Mr. Bernauer. “Indian aficionados everywhere will be pleased with these superior motorcycles which effectively blend timeless Indian design with contemporary motorcycle performance.”

indian_full_17For the past few years, Indian Motorcycle’s engineering staff, led by VP of Engineering Nick Glaja, have logged thousands of hours developing, evaluating and refining each and every engineering detail. Rigorous testing continues until each component has proven its durability and performance.  There will be no rush to market. Mr. Glaja, also a motorcycling industry veteran, was Principal Engineer of Powertrain Technology at Harley-Davidson before joining Indian.

Mr. Glaja says “Our goal was quite simple: to focus on the premium nature of this brand and build the finest Indian motorcycle ever. We took a ‘clean sheet’ approach to the engineering of this world class American legend to ensure a solid engineering platform. Benchmarks were set high and we believe our customers will be very happy.”

At the heart of the process has been an unrelenting emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. No details have been overlooked or considered too minor to be discussed and evaluated. The final assembly of each Indian Chief takes place at Kings Mountain by a team of technicians known for the passionate pursuit of their craft.

An overriding sense of reverence pervades Indian headquarters. There is an enormous sense of pride in being a part of the rebirth of Indian Motorcycle and that feeling translates into an attention to detail and genuine care for each and every component. Assembly is both loving and methodical, with obvious care taken to produce the finest Indian motorcycles the world has ever seen.

The new Indian Chief motorcycles are rightfully positioned as premium products and will be produced in limited numbers, with the focus on outstanding quality, performance and exclusivity.

indian_full_18Limited production will ensure the highest level of quality is maintained and owners will be certain to enjoy the enduring value of an extraordinary new Indian Chief as well as true appreciation of ownership exclusivity.
The new Indian motorcycles are designed and engineered to be powerful works of art. The 2009 Indian Chief features a redesigned 105 cubic inch PowerPlus V-Twin powertrain with electronic closed loop sequential port fuel injection. A new charging system provides increased capacity for the EFI.

Engine cylinders are Nikasil plated, eliminating the need for cast-iron liners. A new crankshaft eliminates “scissoring”. The exhaust system is a new design with integrated 3-way catalytic converter and heated oxygen sensors. All body parts are e-coated and the frame and swingarm are e-coated and powder coated for enhanced corrosion protection.

A six-speed transmission delivers power through the belt drive to 16-inch wheels out back.  Stopping is achieved via Brembo 4-piston calipers, with 11.5” dual rotors up front. Standard 5.5-gallon tank helps extend cruising range. Seats are all-leather and built to exacting specifications. But specs don’t even begin to tell the story of what it’s like to ride an Indian. It’s simply awe inspiring.

For 2009, Indian will offer four Chief models: Chief Standard, Chief Deluxe, Chief Roadmaster and Chief Vintage. As befits these limited-edition masterworks, base prices will range from $30,999 for the Standard to $31,999 for the Deluxe and $33,999 for the Roadmaster to $35,499 for the Chief Vintage. Primary differences between models are in levels of trim, seating configurations, fender design, paint combinations, and included accessories. (Individual spec sheets and images are included separately in this kit.) 

The exciting reality for all motorcycle enthusiasts is that the 2009 Indian Chiefs are so much more than the sum of their parts. Each model is an integrated whole, the result of superior engineering and a reflection of achievement well beyond incremental improvement. The 2009 Indian Chiefs are all-new and a dramatic extension of the Indian Motorcycle legacy, certain to take their place in motorcycle history.

indian_full_8Given the ultra premium nature of the Indian Motorcycle brand, Indian will be very selective in judging the quality and number of dealers. By the end of 2008, it is expected that no more than thirty dealerships will be in place—primarily in top motorcycle markets. A new stand-alone dealership design of 10,000 square foot will be the flagship in major markets, although it is likely that these new structures will not be completed until sometime in 2009.

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