Stevenson’s Cycle Develops New Porthole Glass Oil Tank Featured on Deuce’s Wild Bike Available to the Public


WAYNE, Mich.—March 24, 2008— Stevenson’s Cycle announced the release of its new Porthole glass oil tank. First featured on Stevenson’s Cycle’s Smoke Out Chop-off winning bike called Deuce’s Wild, the Porthole glass oil tank is now available as the perfect standout feature for any custom ride.

The fully polished stainless steel oil tank features ľ inch tempered glass sealed with

Viton o-rings, polished brass end rings, and six polished brass covered stainless steel rods.

Broyles Sr. and Broyles II had been thinking of making a porthole glass oil tank for some time, so when they began building Deuce’s Wild, they decided they would go for it. 

With some prototype parts from Fabricator Kevin, they made their idea a reality.

Stevenson’s Cycle is known for their innovative engine work. Their shop has a full range of fabrication capabilities, giving them the opportunity to create unique designs.

Steve Broyles Sr. has been repairing, building and customizing motorcycles since 1969.

“I like making things other people say won’t work,” said Broyles Sr. “I develop unique parts for custom builds, and then if the parts generate enough interest, I make them available to the public.” 

The porthole glass oil tank is now available for purchase from Stevenson’s Cycle. Priced at $899, it is a great value for such a unique part. For more information on Deuce’s Wild and the porthole glass oil tank, please visit

About Stevenson’s Cycle

Stevenson’s Cycle, located in Wayne, Mich., is owned and operated by Steve Broyles Sr. and his son, Steve Broyles II. Stevenson’s Cycle is known in the V-twin industry for their extensive performance and engine work. The most noted example is “Switched,” and now "Deuce's Wild", bikes in which they place the front head and cylinder of a shovelhead motor on the rear and the rear head and cylinder on the front. In doing so, Stevenson’s Cycle has created what is truly called one of the first, reverse flow V-Twin engines. In addition to “Switched,” and "Deuce's Wild", Stevenson’s Cycle has received wide spread industry recognition for several other bikes and was the Grand Prize winner of the Biker-Penthouse Biker Build Off. They have also won The Horse Backstreet Choppers Chop Off and several Easyriders bike shows. He has been featured in Easyriders, Biker, V-Twin, The Horse Backstreet Choppers, Freeway, and Wild. For more information go to or call Steve at (734) 641-2200.


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