Katelynn Stinnett died December 3rd 2008 from the injuries she received from a brutal beating and rape that occurred in Lexington KY.

This precious child was only 2 years old. She along with her brother, lived with her father in an apartment that he shared with his roommate Brian Crabtree. Crabtree is allegedly the person that did these horrible things to Katelynn. “Alleged” because he has not yet been tried in a court of law.


Crickett Lanham along with several other members and officers of the Steel Horse Cowgirls attended her funeral and also did Honor Guard for her. Her services were held at The River Of Life Church in Lexington KY. They never left Katy. They arrived Saturday before the viewing and did not leave until they went to the cemetery the following day. They carried her tiny casket at the was a hard thing to do.

They were just going to do a run in Lexington and somehow that just didn't seem to be enough for them. Certainly not enough for Katelynn. So they decided to coordinate a national ride for child abuse awareness in Katelynn's memory.

Recognition goes out from Crickett to the BikerOrNot website and some of the wonderful friends and volunteers that are members of that website who have answered.

She has spoken on the phone, messaged, and e-mailed people from coast to coast. People whom she has never met but have the biggest hearts in the world. They are volunteering their time and skills to help put this run together. These people are top shelf.

The run will be held June 13th 2009 with a rain date of June 14th 2009.  Kickstands up at 1PM sharp on the east coast.

ALL monies are going to a child abuse prevention and or awareness charity.
These charities are being chosen by the individual ride coordinators. This way every community that has a ride will benefit.  ALL charities are being thoroughly checked by Crickett and the other ladies from the Steel Horse Cowgirls. Some coordinators have found programs that take in kids that are being abused at home, some are giving their monies to programs that go into schools and make kids aware that being hit is not supposed to happen and lets them know they have options available to them. Anything like this is the kind of thing we are trying to get the coordinators to donate to.

There is a national patch that has been designed for this ride.  Crickett does not yet have a cost for the patch because she is still getting bids from various companies. If you or someone you know has any contacts in this particular area please let her know  ( She would really like to find someone that could do this at cost. No one is making any money off the patches. They are going to made available at whatever it costs to have them made.

The individual coordinators are responsible for mapping out their route, determining the mileage, sponsorship if they so choose, media coverage if they so choose, and what kind of run they want to have. It does not matter if it is a poker run, scenic run etc.. The only thing that matters is that we all get out there and ride and bring child abuse awareness to the forefront.

Participation in this run is voluntary and the Steel Horse Cowgirls, sponsors and individual coordinators cannot be held responsible for any damages, liability, and/or, God forbid, accidents that may occur. EVERY coordinator needs to have a waiver for their riders to sign. Crickett will try to get you one if she can. If not please contact an attorney.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Crickett at or and Crickett will respond as quickly as possible.

Crickett would like to thank everyone for their participation and hard work in getting this together, and hopes everyone has a safe, fun ride
Crickett has generously provided a blank flyer for each individual run to use.  Please e-mail her at for a copy.

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